The Duck Pond, 14 December 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Flo-Mo Progress on the Flo-Mo 12ft Plywood canoe. William Fraser from Facebook Highlander 12 New rig progress remains slow, but I’m almost there. Thank you […]

  • Marcin Bober born in 1980. Founder of Bobrowe Żeremia Foundation (pl-pl.facebook.com/BobroweZeremia/).  Foundation Bobrowa Żeremia has created a Maker Space in Silesia, Poland for the renewal of furniture, bicycle repair and much more. Propagator and [...]
  • John Welsford’s Navigator is a mature design now, having been built in so many countries, in sheds, garages and basements over a significant period of time. The design fits neatly [...]
  • Not really HATE … but something like. Every minute that keeps me away from the finished boat is a wasted minute. So here are some resources that might be useful [...]
  • Featured Image:  shantyboatliving.com/2017/sailing-scow-tour/  
  • Summmm-errrrrr-tiiiihm. and the livin’ is Eeeeeee-Zeeeeeee   Today, will have to remain our little secret. I found the best skinny dippin’ hole, ever. Nobody around. Except a herd of horses. [...]
  • Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Mini Skeeter Another Mini Skeeter fuselage back from the painter. John Eisenlohr from Facebook Summerbreeze Small celebration today, my boat [...]
  • A Big Idea – Canoe Kit for Japan In the mid 90s after I had left Duck Flat in Adelaide to kick off as an independent boat designer they asked [...]
  • I started my AF4B before I built a Jim Michalak Moby Dink. I bought a new table saw and needed to test it. Here is the AF4B stem. Next was [...]
  • A search, for the perfect beach. Just call me lucky, if you must.  But, I managed to save the best for last! Sometimes, when there is so much good stuff, [...]
  • Featured Image:  prep4texas.blogspot.com.au/2017/11/change-of-venue-different-boat-next  
  • The Angle of Incidence…Equals, the angle of refraction. I was actually present, the day they taught high school physics.  And, I’ve always been glad for it.  I learned a number [...]
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Thursday, December 14th, 2017

What would you say the quickest multihull to build would be that can be beached and slept on😎