The Duck Pond, 23 March 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Crow CROW, a 16′ pram bow, shoal draft beach cruiser…hull glassed and painted. Roy Schreyer from Facebook Lawrence Academy Kayak Build: Day 8 Decks glass […]

  • The lofting board, the table of offsets, water lines, cross sections, buttocks lines, expanding the transom, bearding lines – it is so cool a process. But before I go further, [...]
  • This is really part two to my first ever Duckworks article, back in 2012. Every year, after 2011, we have had a church commitment to attend on the 4th of [...]
  • Dan’s plan “What I mean by that, is if I didn’t go out and move a bunch of critical snow berms this afternoon, spring would come and go with my [...]
  • Dan’s plan “Just as all roads, eventually, lead to a wider world; it’s still the journey that matters. Or so my staff poet, here at the Frankenwerke, tells me on [...]
  • Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Simplicity 8 Classic Sawfish 2.0 is 3D, I’m updating the instructable almost as fast as I get this new cut [...]
  • Part One – Part Two Saturday, November 12 A restful night into the morning that finds me waking up AFTER sunrise. Readers of my previous adventures know that normally I [...]
  • We are big fans of Jim Michalak’s designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.  You can read it by clicking HERE.
  • Recently, I submitted an article to Duckworks (Clones of our Dianne’s Rose, Dec. 2016) about some of the “Tiny” houseboats (DIANNE’S ROSE Design) that have been launched. Updated pictures and [...]
  • Dan’s plan “Seems like, the last time I checked in, the Frankenbot in progress was gonna’ have a red top. And, the designated name was Mobius. But, then I mentioned [...]
  • by Michael Beebe – Rockport, Texas – USA Angels… Angels watching over me. I’ll share with you just three, no make that four experiences in which I should have left [...]

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Thursday, March 23rd, 2017
Road Rage GONE Wrong In Colorado Camper Verses Boat Trailer!

What an idiot old man. That could have been a very serious accident. I hope his insurance paid big and he spent time in jail

The best thing about the dash cam is that it captures everything, and can be used to support your st...