Tom Dually 1.9 and 2.0


Tom Dually 1.9 There’s a tunnel at the end of the light. Ever have one of those days when you started early, were still at it until late; and you really can’t remember what you […]

  • Tom Dually 1.7 A truce, of sorts. There’s no doubting Chesty Puller, and his boys’ heroics and sacrifice at the Frozen Chosin.  But, my analogy slaps me upside the head [...]
  • Featured Image: shantyboatliving.com/2017/launched/  
  • Monaco Classic Week – La Belle Classe 13-17 September 2017 Classic Yachting in Vogue Sunday 16th September. The 13th Monaco Classic Week – La Belle Classe, one of the largest [...]
  • Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Canadian Drift Boat Launched New Year’s I received these pictures and note of the this Canadian drift boat bulder who [...]
  • Enter the Boat Barn: Now for assembly: My scarf joint fixture for the oak wales: The oak cockpit coaming was too stiff and thinned so much I was afraid it [...]
  • Tom Dually 1.5 The longest distance between two points. I can’t blame this one on anybody else.  And, of course it seemed like a reasonable shortcut, at the time.  Here’s [...]
  • Tom Dually 1.3 Sara Ann Dippidy. I was just leaving the transfer station.  Somehow, I managed to discard 680 pounds of that Trex decking that had been holding Tom closer to the [...]
  • When did you become a boat designer and what was your first real design? I think it was when I made Ocean Explorer in Year 2010. I had built a [...]
  • The old Cruising Javelin’s minimalist wood needed some refinishing and as usual what would have been a simple job turned into a can of worms, luckily a small one. The [...]
  • We are big fans of Jim Michalak’s designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.  You can read it by clicking HERE.
  • Featured Image: theoarcruising.blogspot.com.au/2017/12/lightning-protection  
  •   by Michael Beebe – Rockport, Texas – USA One Month Ago One month ago, Hurricane Harvey showed up, disrupting many lives along the gulf coast. And just today it [...]

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Monday, January 22nd, 2018

Hi fellow Canberrans i have been a member forever but this is my first post as i need our beautiful communities help...back on October 15 2017 we sadly lost our HERO Norman Sanders, a beloved ... See more