December, 2016

New Boat

Bolger Sneakeasy


Got the boat home yesterday. She seems to be in pretty good shape, though she does need some work.
My wife is in LOOOVE. I am still digging about the specifics, but she is WELL built.
This just could not be passed up, nor left to rot away. The Harbormaster offered me the guy’s old berth.
Meanwhile, the push continues on the frolic. I’m really being anal about the fairing of this hull and foils. Even my sailmaker buddy was impressed at thanksgiving with the smoothness, and my unhappiness. The chines got to be right on a boat like this.
And, really, it’s done after the hull, because all the other bits are ready to go on and get painted. They already primed.
Best part of the Sneakeasy deal? Found a good place to sail frolic out of while shaking her down…

Our new Layout

Hi Chuck,
Liking the new layout!
There will always be naysayers, i think.
Hoping that you are all doing well. We’ve been doing almost no boat related stuff here for too long  – all the usual things got in the way – health, work etc.

cheers, Derek

I have been reading your magazine faithfully for almost 4 years. The new format is “WOW”! Congrats for your support to the boat building community!
Ron Carter Capn Duck #768

Hate it, hate it, hate it.  I want my Duckworks back.
Bill P

I just wanted to let you know I like the new website design. I’ve been a follower of the site for many years now. I can’t live without my Duckworks.
The site looks great. Thanks for what you do.

– Eddie B

Hey, member the other day when i emailed and said the new site looked good but i didn’t like it?
I didn’t go into detail really about why i didn’t like it other than the fact i don’t like things changing.
I got on this morning and noticed my screen was set to 175% zoom. i backed it out to 100% and WOW now i see the new site like it was for the first time. what a dum bass.
Looks great and i can now see the whole thing at a glance.

Ahhh, He was just being  meangene. A change for us old guys wakes up the OLD brain cells… makes us learn new things. Can’t wait. I am shopping now… deciding what I need from the things I want…
John W

Greetings Chuck! I’ll get used to the new format and I know you will be tweaking things for a while! I enjoy Duckworks Magazine so much! It is a part of my life! How else could I keep up with what’s going on with you guys and all the Duckworks followers who feel like friends one and all! Duckworks Magazine is for me, a window on thousands of people,projects and places all over the world! Keep up the good work Chuck!


 I like it. For years my desktop browser opened to duckworksmagazine.com but these days I access your site mostly from one of my Apple mobile devices. I noticed right away that the layout was much improved for mobile platforms.

Very Nice

“Happy Hour” in South Africa

Hi Chuck,
Gerhard in South Africa seems to be really enjoying his “Happy Hour” kayak. It’s summer over there. Attached are 2 pics.
Here’s what he says:

Hi Alex
I attached some pictures for you and will also send a Dropbox link shortly. I have been using the Kayak this holiday and I am very impressed with the stability off the craft. While I were fishing a storm came up and created at least 1/2 m waves. The “Happy Hour” handled it with ease. It was mostly fun.

Another thing I discovered is that when I’m fishing with an anchor, I can easily stand up, turn my seat around and fish facing backwards as in a normal boat. I weigh in at about 108kg (240lb) so that is quite special for it not tipping.
Me and my brother have also gone fishing in the kayak, with fishing tackle and we weighed in at over 200kg (440lb). Still the craft paddles like normal and with ease…
Anyway, still loving it. All the best.
Kind Regards
Gerhard Kleinhans


  1. Hi Chuck, I also Hate, Hate, Hated the new duckworks.
    Nothing worked right the pictures were gone, The format
    was changed, leading to the question.. Where is it??
    There’s still some questions about that. But, I’m finding
    most of what was there. I’m still not sure if I can say Good Job Chuck. But, It’s getting there. I’m still here every day.
    Ed Davis DSC USN Ret

  2. We can be annoyed, or we can be ecstatic about the new look of Duckworks, but change was inevitable with the partnership (“Merger”?) with Small Craft Advisor. Always liked all you all, and hope the new venture works for all involved.

    Chuck and Sandra, hope ‘retirement’ is a blessing, but some how think it won’t work out for you two to be less busy! 🙂
    John Nystrom
    Peru, IN

    • Thanks for the kind words, John. Retirement is not really the right word. We will be very active in the company for years to come. It’s just that now we get to do the things we enjoy while someone else does the chores. How can you beat that?

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