Flywood – Part Two


Part One Well! This thing is picking up speed, relatively speaking. We are past the family summer vacations and I already get to put in a few additional hours. Took the now 85% stable hull […]

A Modest Proposal – Parts 1.1 and 1.2


Dan’s plan Part 1.1 and Part 1.2 I’ve asked the Experts. It really is a simple question. Or, so I thought. At least, I get a very simple answer. “Dunno.” Simple, sure. Satisfying? Not so much. […]

An Unlikely Stop


I’ll hazard a guess. Maybe a dozen or fewer towns around this great land actually start their official name with the article, “The.” I did happen to stop at one of them on my way […]

Welcome to the Duck Pond


Welcome to our new feature entitled The Duck Pond to go along with our new look Duckworks Magazine. So this is what happened in “the duck pond” this week: DS15A Sportboat The DS15A sportboat project […]

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