A Simplified and Sculling Oar


For my little trimaran I use a very clever sculling method, invented by Atsushi Doi. You can see all his information by googling/youtubing AD sculling. This year I participated in the Dorestad Raid, a sail […]



Wharram Gathering Its official ~ 2017 Hui Wharram is on for our second year venue. We will gather May 18 through 20 at the Best Western Waterfront in North Fort Myers, Florida. http://www.bestwesternwaterfront.com/ This year we […]

Whittier Dory Build


So, I picked up my sander and began working on the dory again today after a year long hiatus. In short, what a mess. In some areas the epoxy coat wasn’t think enough and I […]

A Modest Proposal – Parts 2.10


Dan’s plan “I guess you might say that the fun part is over. The invention phase is about wrapped up. The layout is in 3-D. Bulkheads and windows are in place.” Part 1.1 and Part 1.2 […]

The Duck Pond, 26 January 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Orion Ketch I am currently busy on a boat project that looks very similar to Bob Autin’s Orion ketch.  We have complete a similar boat […]

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