A Modest Proposal – Parts 2.10


Dan’s plan

“I guess you might say that the fun part is over. The invention phase is about wrapped up. The layout is in 3-D. Bulkheads and windows are in place.”

A Modest Proposal – Part 2.10

I guess you might say that the fun part is over. The invention phase is about wrapped up. The layout is in 3-D. Bulkheads and windows are in place. Pretty much. It’s been almost two weeks since I started with the excavation phase. An unpleasant and tiring period.

After that, I built the top and levitated it into place. Supports followed and then interior layout. She’s pretty simple. The design brief was very spare: enclosed head, galley, a couple couches that can double as berths, outside seating areas, and a few more wish list items.

We’re a long way from launch time. I don’t expect that to come until after the first of the year-it’s the week before Halloween right now.

And, we look pretty much as visualized. The signature brightwork staves will make a real big difference in curb appeal. Doors and windows are only a mental etch-a-sketch drawing right now.

I’m thinkin’ the overhead cambers are about right. Depending upon how the headliner gets itself together, we have just shy of six foot walking headroom.

This will get closed in, once the insulation and wiring and all that jazz is in place.

To starboard is (will be) a fixed couch, that should be more comfortable to sit on than the berth flat to port. Both will have seat backs, but the one to port should trice up and convert to a top bunk. It’s framed in for it, just not cut out and mounted, and all that, er, jazz.

The galley cabinet with space for both a small sink and counter top (I’ll probably put a swing stove on the cabinet door back like in Miss Kathleen.) I have saved space for a real live Pullman train car coal stove and stove pipe. A similar portable unit is posing in the slot here.

R2D2 was kind enough to take time out from his busy schedule to demonstrate the head space. I expect to put some sort of accordion door that will close from aft to forward in that gaping doorway.

I just might take a few days off from the necessary stuff and hang some gingerbread on the outside just to feel like I’m getting someplace. All that quarter inch AC plywood can be a bit mundane. But, it makes a real good substrate for large amounts of glue-ups. And, right now, I expect to be churning out piles of pine and cedar staves, and gluing them on, in the time-honored fashion.

Time to put another chapter in the meter. Wonder what it’s gonna’ have to say about all this.


  1. I have one of the kerosene stoves exactly like in the pictures! I use it my shop when needed; but not very often in Florida.

  2. Hi Dan, I can’t find the middle portion of your blog, 2.3 – 2.8. I’ve been lurking and enjoying it as I also have a 20′ sailboat hull I’d like to convert to a mini trawler for trailering/winter travel. I just bought a small cruising sailboat this last summer when I realized at the rate a dinghy build is coming along, I’d be in my 80’s when I finished anything bigger. Your readers are out here and enjoying your progress and occasionally making it on the water themselves.

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