January, 2017

Wharram Gathering

Its official ~ 2017 Hui Wharram is on for our second year venue. We will gather May 18 through 20 at the Best Western Waterfront in North Fort Myers, Florida. http://www.bestwesternwaterfront.com/

This year we hope to see a variety of boats all boats are welcome, of course a special shout out for our coveted James Wharram Designs https://www.wharram.com/site/

But, not limited to — Multihulls from all over are welcome — and of course anyone interested in sailing, cruising with great stories to share.

From all accounts last year was good start to hosting this event in Ft. Myers — our host hotel Best Western has installed new floating docks for safe and convenient dockage.

More to come …



Hey Chuck,

Saw this and figured you might want to put a blurb about it on DW. I would expect maybe one guy would buy one, and one guy would make a set of plans to build one and ten or twenty would build their own for about $30-$40.


Best to S,

Goose or GIS? 

Here’s the deal! Most sailors look at the Goose and think “What a stupid looking boat!” It looks like a pram that needs to go on a diet! Graceful as a brick, and square as your grandfather’s ideas on modern music! An ugly step-sister to a sheet of plywood, and built by people with no carpentry skills! I have had a lot of second thoughts about this little boat even as my pre-cut plywood sheets sit forlornly in the garage. So I bought one fully-formed from Brian Graham who built it and sailed it in the Texas 200 in 2015. I dragged it back to Miami and thrashed it mercilessly, overloaded it, capsized, ran aground, hit a couple of seawalls, and dragged it over coral and through mud. It takes forever to get it off the trailer and rigged for sailing. Why I had 5 Boy scouts pick it up and carry it 60 feet over coral heads that were sticking out of the water about 6 inches. We stuck the mast in the appropriate hole, tied a few sailorly knots, hoisted the main, dropped in the boards and went sailing. 4 of us, the lightest weighing 160 pounds. Figure about 700 pounds of crew! Now the reason it took so long to get off the trailer was because we had tied it down in the dark the night before in a parking lot. You turn a Boy Scout Troop loose with a bunch of rope and the next morning we discovered my poor little Goose looked like it was the star in a bondage convention for boats. Once we got all the tie-downs off it only takes about 5 to 7 minutes to go sailing.

So how does she sail? Just fine thank you! The big airtanks provide a wide seating area and it was easy to move around and get comfortable. Now I own a few boats and the Goose is hands-down my favorite. My favored areas to sail are all out along the west coast of Florida in real skinny water. I have yet to challenge any of my buddies in their Hobie AI and Ti’s but having sailed many hundreds of miles in the Hobie AI I can tell you the Goose is much more comfortable with a lot less likelihood to develop diaper rash from sitting in water all day (and night) I have the 105 sq. foot Goat Island Skiff sail from Real Simple Sails on my Goose. Three reef points (seldom used) great price, and powerful! We used one of them on a Lightning in the Everglades Challenge in 2015 on the foremast (we had 2 masts, with an optional third) and it hit over 11 miles an hour between Chokoloskee and Flamingo! My buddy on my lake has a Holder 15 and I have sailed it extensively. It is very tender compared to the Goose and slow! The Goose looks ungainly but it is much like a water-ski and accelerates quickly to over 10 miles an hour in a gust. I have access to many boats, what with all the WaterTribers, Texas 200 boys, and racers and campers down here in South Florida. The Goose, the Hobie AI and TI, the Sea Pearl, and the compact trailer-sailers are all great boats. But the Goose is the only one that weighs under 200 pounds that I can anchor and sleep in. If you can get past the thought that it looks a lot like a pig-feeding trough, and appreciate all the sterling qualities it offers, then the Goose is your boat! I will give you the final reason for owning a Goose, especially in the larcenous environs of Miami! Which one is more likely to get stolen? The pretty Goat Island Skiff, or the humble Goose laying in the grass along the side of the house under a tarp? I will just throw in this picture of Brian Graham sailing it in the Texas 200 since he knows how to sail, and I don’t!

Painen Dias



So we just went live with our indegogo campaign to build a new, improved version of our paddlewheel shantyboat “The Floating Empire” . “Tesla’s Revenge” will be a lighter, more mobile vessel, drawing from the three years we’ve spent on the water. It’s designed to be built by anyone with common materials and common handtools. Give it a look. We’ve got some great artwork as perks.



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