Letters from Mike – How Many


by Michael Beebe – Rockport, Texas – USA How Many How many have you had? They used to ask that question in by-gone days when I’d been sitting at the bar for more than a […]

A Long Time Coming


At least eight years, leading up today. This is a story about tug boats. Everybody loves tug boats. Little ones are cute. Big ones are macho. They capture the imagination in big and little ways. […]

Cricket: Toys For Good Ol’ Boys


My sister Nancy says the older a man gets, the smaller his toys become. I can attest to that, I’ve given up on owning a Boeing 747. It’s hard to fit in a garage, even […]

The Banana Float


I have been taken in by all of the recent foam boats. Dave Lucas shows how quickly and easily they are put together and how well they perform as kayaks. Josh Crystal Withe has written […]

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