The Duck Pond, 26 January 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Orion Ketch

I am currently busy on a boat project that looks very similar to Bob Autin’s Orion ketch.  We have complete a similar boat – see pics.  This is a 19ft er and the previous one is 22ft.  For interest sake, we mostly sail the boats on the Bergriver, Velddrif, Western Cape South Africa.



Chautauqua sailing canoe hits the water – and she sails great.

Dave Gentry

from Facebook

Bottom Glassed

Bottom glassed and primer to 4in above waterline on the “13”. Lucky warm break after some minus 18. Ready to flip for fit out.

Iain Rogers

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Here is a progress report on CROW…

Roy Schreyer

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Kajoo Turysta Tandem Kayak

Kajoo Turysta Tandem Kayak in Skin on Frame. Made by Bobrowe Żeremia and Miasto Szkutnia im Warsaw. Designed by Marcin Bober (Bobrowe Żeremia) and Miroslaw Sziwa.

Marcin Bober

from Facebook

Rudi 6.0

G’day DW, Here’s some shots of my Rudi 6.0 trimaran (self design & build). The boat is just about done. All she needs are the little details like an esky full of rum and champagne. Clare, you’re a legend of a wife for giving me the time to make this happen. Love you babe. Friday launch and naming? Here’s some background on the design I shared online.

Aaron de Ruiter

from Facebook

1968 Binks Flying Dutchman

My son and I have been slowly working on the restoration of a 1968 Binks Flying Dutchman. Slow, as in my son lives other side of city and only comes down a few times a year. For a while now, we’ve been working on new centreboard casing and transom. And a little bit of framing. Now we are fitting the plywood decking, etc. I’m surprised how a few bits of ply can make it look like a boat again. Photos show a little of it’s original condition and with its foredeck and half cockpit flooring done. The floor will be varnished as in the original.

John Colley

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Slow progress on my Skerry, but progress none the less.

Paul J. Lucier

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Tolman Tuesdays…Glassing and Fairing

I got quite a bit done on the Tolman Widebody in the past week. After hanging the sides and filling/fairing the joints, I cut and laid out all the fiberglass cloth for the bottom and sides. The sides are done first, and I rolled the pre-cut glass onto a couple broom handles such that the top edge of the glass was lined up with the ink line on the hull I was following. Then I could wet out about 3′ of plywood at a time, roll the glass onto the wet ply, smooth it out, and wet out the glass. It was a very easy job with the new batch of RAKA 127 thin epoxy resin and non-blush hardener.
Then I put the specified two layers of 10 oz tape over the chine/side joint followed by the 10 oz bottom cloth that lapped over the keel and down over the side cloth. All this glassing was done wet on wet, and once it was cured enough to scrape the overlaps, I skimmed on a coat of thickened epoxy to begin filling the weave and fairing the corners/lap joints.

We had a nice 18″ snowfall last Thursday as well, which makes for excellent boatbuilding weather.

Jim Shula

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