The Duck Pond, 5 January 2017

Some of¬†what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Huntington Harbor Kayak

Andrew Murray completed this homebuilt Huntington Harbor kayak for his wife. She just loves going out on it. Those are some beautiful waterways where he lives also.

The Huntington Harbor Kayak plans and instructions, are completely free and may be downloaded here:

Jeff Spira

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18′ Ulua planked with Laurel in Costa Rica.

Noah Funk

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Building a Tolman Widebody Skiff

Tolman Tuesdays.

During the past week I got the bottom panels stitched and glued together, and the chine flats stitched and glued to the bottom panels. The chines flats took a lot of clamping to keep things fair. From amidships back I put increasing thicknesses of shingles between the chine flat and the straightedge to build a slight reverse angle into the flats.

After I removed all the clamps, I glassed the chine joints, then glassed the whole inside of the bottom using 10ozx38″ cloth. Now the bottom is ready to flip so I can glass the outer surface of the keel joint before I stand the bottom assembly up against the wall while I set up the frame on the building jig.


I had an order for 1,000 wooden calendar holders come in, so I’ve been concentrating on that mostly so I can ship them out and get the shop back to normal. I did manage to flip the bottom and glass the keel and chine joints, then stand the bottom up against the wall so I can set up the frame on the building jig. The shelves are all in place and glued together, so the next step is to attach the transom and stem, then set up the stringers. After that I can glue the bottom down and it will start looking like a boat.

Jim Shula

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Here’s the finished hull of my Chautauqua sailing canoe prototype. Just need to stitch up a couple of sails and she’ll be good to go. I should mention that Duckworks has been my source for almost every bit of line for this boat, plus fasteners, hardware, epoxy, sailcloth and more.¬†Building thread, here.

Dave Gentry

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