A Modest Proposal – Parts 3.1


Dan’s plan

“This shanty boat business-at least the way we do it here in the Frankenwerke-is a never ending attempt to get thirty feet worth of accommodation out of an eighteen foot hull.”

A Modest Proposal – Part 3.1

Gotta’ take a break.

I’ve mentioned from time to time, that life is a footrace. Kinda’ like the Boston Marathon, in a way. With a huge horde of runners at the starting gun, it instantly devolves into as many individual races. Something like that. My own two biggest competitors seem to be the orthopaedic surgeon and the undertaker-in this race we call “life.”

Next month, God willing, I’ll still be running ahead of the undertaker. It’ll be our 70th lap of the race course. But, the other guy, just caught and passed me. Frankenbuilding has to come to a halt. For a while. Nothing unusual, for folks who “run the race” like I tend to do. The first of two planned knee replacements. Climbing in and out of a boat hull probably won’t be high on my hierarchy of needs, as ol’ Mr. Maslow would say. Gotta’ take a few weeks off. Maybe.

So, this is where things stood as I knocked off the night shift.

We’re pretty well roughed in. Of course, things will continue to move around. That always happens in these frankenbuilds. In fact, about the time the night crew was headed out the door; I got a wild hair about berth-flat length. OK. So, I was just sort of checking my eye lids for light leaks. Anyhow, I flopped down on the port berth and got to thinking that it was just a mite too short. And, that’s a problem.

The enclosed head-around which everything else has been positioned-is immediately aft. In fact, part way into this job, I moved the selfsame bulkhead forward about half a foot. Just the amount that I figured would make the berth more comfortable. What to do? This is one of those cake-and-eat-it-too dilemmas.

Well, I decided that the two warring factions could just share the space. Drinks for ALL my friends! The berth got a half a foot extension by way of a sort of cavern cut through the bulkhead.

And the head got an itty bitty sink counter, with an adequate toe space underneath. Of course all this bare quarter inch AC plywood and dimensional lumber framing will get covered up with more prettier stuff. In fact, exterior bulkheads will be a sandwich affair with styro sheet material filling the voids as both stiffeners and insulation.

This isn’t the first time a post-night shift brain storm has changed things in the berth length department. A couple days ago, it happened to the starboard side too.

This shanty boat business-at least the way we do it here in the Frankenwerke-is a never ending attempt to get thirty feet worth of accommodation out of an eighteen foot hull.

And, taking pictures inside this still-evolving cabin never seems to show all the hard work both the day and night shifts have been putting in.

But, now we gotta’ take a little break.

Maybe even check for light leaks. And leave the boat stuff to the Christmas elves. They are some pretty imaginative guys.

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  1. Good luck with the knees. They are complicated buggers, my brother in law (surgeon, not an orthopedic one) says. He is a few laps behind you, and he is pushing that issue off into the future – it will be done at one point, but not now, he insists.
    Thanks for the witty frankenbuild articles, great journey you are taking us along with.

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