The Duck Pond, 16 February 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Bolger Bee

First test. An aluminium Bolger Bee.

Stuart Menduni

from Facebook

Doc Mott’s Grand Banks Dory

One of my customers, Doc Mott, just sent me this picture of his 16′ Grand Banks dory out for its first voyage earlier this year. He was very pleased with its performance.

The plans for this design also include a homebuilt sailing rig.

More information and access to free study prints, and links to purchase the plans for the 16′ Nova Scotian Grand Banks Dory plans may be downloaded at:


New Mackinaw Just Completed in British Columbia

Just got this email and photo of a new Mackinaw Drift Boat build:

Hi Jeff,
Another Mackinaw ready to go.
Plans were great but had a little trouble bending the 1/2 inch marine plywood on the sides.
As soon as the water softens up a tad we’ll give it a go.
Many thanks,
Wayne Sissons
Bella Coola, BC

More information and access to free study prints, and links to purchase the plans may be downloaded at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook and Facebook


Finally got the boat hull assembled and glued with some good weather the past few days. You can keep up with my Michalak Jonsboat build on my blog at

Bud Brinkley

from Facebook

Taal SUP

Another Taal SUP going together. Uruguay.

Michael Storer

from Facebook

How to Build an Anacapa Offshore Power Dory

I just uploaded this new video about how to build an Anacapa Offshore Power Dory. I have illustrated a number of boats with cabins, as well as several videos of these in operation.

More information and access to free study prints, and links to purchase the plans may be downloaded at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Evening Swan

Saskia is a strip planked version of the 17’6″ LOD Selway Fisher Evening Swan built by Chris van der Craats in Australia – in reviews she is called the ‘Morris Minor’ of yachts – maximum space in a small pocket cruiser.

Paul Fisher

from Facebook

Happy Hour Kayak

There comes a time when building a boat when you must say “it’s done”. (“For now”).

For the Happy Hour Kayak “Test Run”, I’m calling it done.

Tom Burton

from Facebook

1960’s Sailing Dinghy

Thank you for adding me to the Facebook group. I am refurbishing an old 1960’s sailing dinghy. It’s 15 ft long, 5ft on the beam. I’d like to rig it with a lugsail, or gaff sail. I attach some pics, of it in original condition with Bermudan rig (she was light blue, now dark green). Ideally, I would like a bowsprit and cutter sails. I am used to sorting out the CLR on other boats I have owned. Any advice would be welcomed.

Bob Archell

from Facebook

Getting a Power Tri out of the Abandoned Trikini Swing Wing

Slowly making progress. Since the plans are long gone and the design was 35 years old, this is been more a crafting then boat building. Always said FG was a fluid form material and sort of proving it. Have some nice summer weather and made some decisions so started modifying the OR deck hatches taking width from 12 to 10 inches so would open again. This is a photo of port and stbd at different stages. Right now doing structure and will do cosmetics after.

Len Susman

from Facebook


This is an in depth video by one builder who wanted a dedicated fishing kayak without the huge price tag.
He started with the sawfish kayak design, but made it 10 inches wider and added a ton of details.


Sawfish Kayak

Another dedicated fishing kayak inspired by the sawfish kayak design. He wrapped the bottom in canvas for more strength. Apparently, the reeds in the local waters are really sharp.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook

10-Foot Dinghy

Designed and built this 10-foot dinghy last fall. Crazy-warm weather has permitted midwinter trials. Got kind of a 1930’s British day-boat vibe. It’s stitch-and-glue and easy to build, but doesn’t look it.

John C. Harris

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