March Letters


Hi Chuck This boat is scaled up from a drawing in bernhard faeroyvik’s ” Inshore craft of Norway”. It is a faering from the southwest of norway, built with larch planking and black locust framing, […]

The Duck Pond, 30 March 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Sawfish Kayak Thanks to whoever made Google translate , this builder in the Ukraine and I were able to communicate and help him complete his […]

A Modest Proposal 4.2


Dan’s plan “After I watched the deer for a while, and after I got back from a trip to town to join a group of civic-minded folks I hang around with in discussing a rather […]

Getting Personal with PAINT & VARNISH


“As appeared in Small Craft Advisor” (SCA) See my next article on Choosing Colors. I know it’s true: Many of you share the agonies I’ve suffered when applying paint and varnish. There might be elusive […]

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