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  1. Jim, if I still had my Paradox, I’d give your idea a whirl. I’m pretty sure I won’t be building another. It would be a simple thing to do. Nice article.

  2. In order to get the best performance out of Chine Runners, one has to sail the boat correctly. I found I needed some wind and that I needed to move as far forward in the boat as possible. I feel the Chine Runners don’t work well in very light air. Once you get them going however they feel like a freight train on rails and sail very well. I have two Matt Layden designed boats, a Paradox and an Enigma 460. They both are excellent sailing boats in my opinion. They do not sail to WW as well as a lighter boat with nice foils, but a lighter boat with nice foils has a much smaller sailing envelope than a Paradox. If I am cruising, I’ll pick the Paradox every time.

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