March Letters

Hi Chuck

This boat is scaled up from a drawing in bernhard faeroyvik’s ” Inshore craft of Norway”. It is a faering from the southwest of norway, built with larch planking and black locust framing, and a norway spruce for the mast that I planted 25 years ago.

I am the guy with the white hair. Could do a short article if you are interested. The planks are riveted, the ribs are fastened with trunnels. Basically a historical recreation of a 18th century boat (and for that matter essentially the same as viking era)

Letter to John Wright

Here’s picture of the boat I built over the past few months.  To cut down on weight, and get the boat through our fence gate, I used 8′ PDRacer rocker, but reduced width to 3′.  The boat weighs about 45 pounds (without those two adjustable lee boards.). I’ve had the boat in Lady Bird Lake several times and it sails just fine.  I’m now going to try my hand at building a 51 sf balanced lug sail.  And probably larger leeboards.

I want to thank John Wright for his kindness, generosity and guidance.  I was certain I didn’t have the skills or tools or strength to actually build a boat. But I watched a lot of videos and finally made that first cut.  Building the boat – and tinkering with it – has been a great experience in learning for me.

After I had sailed the boat a few times – and tinkered with it a lot – my wife asked me, “which do you like better…sailing it or building it?”  I have to admit, it’s a dead tie.  I love both.

Thank you again, John, for getting me started on this new part of my life.

Bill Perkins

Cedar key, May 5,6,7  2017

I’m late getting this out this year, sorry. Rooms are filling up faster than usual because there are fewer of them since the hurricane wiped some out. The Island Place site says that they’re still not open. Faraway Inn seems to be full up so Helen and I booked a room at the Beach Front; that’s the big pink two story place right on the corner. Their down stars rooms are not back in business, only the upstairs rooms. Should be lots of parking for the boat trailer.  For information and availability of rooms go to the chamber site, they have a list of the places to stay.  Dave

Contest Idea

Chuck, Hi!

Just ran across this. I wrote up the idea a year or so ago? Just an idea.

INSTANT BOATS  (Paddle or Sail?)

Rules: entire “hull” must come from “X”  sheet(s) of 4’x8′ plywood.   Could be either 1, 2 or 3 sheet(s) (pick one). Which would be used to make up the “hull” of the boat. Decks, skegs, sails, leeboards, seats etc. do not count in the sheet count.

At the “start” it must be a “flat pack”.. Things, parts, pieces can be attached, machined, shaped, glued, but the panels must lay flat. All parts must lay flat at the start of competition. Builder would provide battery powered tools for assembly.

Race course description, length, shape, distance would be stated when the event is announced. 

There would be a designated Master of the Course.

Perhaps at the Port A show or a messabout or start of T200.


Great Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival April 21-23

The 11th Annual Great Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Festival will be held on April 21-23 at the Sarasota Sailing Squadron.

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron will be hosting the festival in partnership with the Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Association.

Come for a casual dinner Friday night as participants arrive. Food may be potluck (kitchen available) or from the Sarasota Sailing Squadron Grill. This will be a cash grill with hamburgers, hot dogs, sausage, etc… Saturday will be the mess-about on Sarasota Bay, our protected “lagoon” and the mooring field adjacent to the Squadron. Please anticipate speakers and some music. A Squadron provided dinner will be available for a nominal ticket price. Amenities available at the Squadron include camping, limited RV options, clubhouse, bar with snack foods, large porches and meeting pavilions. There are plenty of launching options including beaches, ramps and a hoist. Registration is free but required so Squadron management can designate a location for your craft. To help with planning we request that you email your intentions with number of people attending and boat details to:

JF Bedard of Bedard Yacht Design will be giving a presentation about his RoG (River of Grass) 15 and the Everglades Challenge.

For info and schedule updates:

Florida Gulf Coast Traditional Small Craft Association

Sarasota Sailing Squadron

1717 Ken Thompson Pkwy

Sarasota, FL 34236

The Sarasota Sailing Squadron is in Ken Thompson Park on City Island – near the north end of Lido Key. For more information on our facility, go to or call 941-388-2355.

Hanneke Boon will be in attendance at Hui Wharram ~ 2017!

WHARRAM Polynesian catamaran SAIL ~ IN (drive in, walk in, bike in all OK – just get there) Open to ALL Multihulls and pretty much anything that floats!


SWFL FLORIDA IN MAY 19 -, 21, 2017

We will be holding the Spring Wharram Rendezvous (a Hui Wharram) May 19, 19, 21 in N. Fort Myers, FL (Florida at the North Ft. Myers Beach Park)

A “Hui Wharram” or “Hui-o-waa-Kaulua-Wharram” (Hawaiian) is a group or gathering of Wharram boats but any type of boat is welcome.  Come even if you don’t have a boat.

There is no easier way to fulfill your sailing dreams – from sailing the trade winds or the local shores – than with a Wharram Sailing Catamaran.  Wharrams range from 16’ to 63’ and are mostly home built of plywood.  Stable, rugged, fast, FUN, comfortable, inexpensive to build, operate and repair! FYI:

Come, see and enjoy the boats.  Just have fun.  Weather permuting we sail,  We talk about Wharrams and nearly any other boat.  We tell sailing stories…some may even be true.  We compare notes.  We share pictures.  We look at plans.  We take pictures of each other’s boats and get some really good (and a few bad) ideas.  We eat and drink and just have fun.  Bring a boat if you have one and everyone is welcome … no boat needed!  FREE!  Join us for a Dutch-treat dinner on Saturday night at The Three Fisherman Restaurant and Bar…door prizes!

Accommodations are available at a special discount (Hui Wharram) at the newly renovated  Featuring River over looking balconies, and free complementary breakfast at IHOP within the complex.  Best Western Waterfront has allowed us to dock at their new facilities. The Saturday night Dutch Treat diner will be held at the Three Fishermen Restaurant and (of course) Bar on the waterfront.  Make your reservations early.

Within walking distant there are a number of motels as well including Red Roof Inn,  Motel 6, and more.

Come early — Downtown Ft. Myers Riverfront District will feature ‘Music Walk’ Third Friday.

For details send an email to

Schedule Schmedule

Oh crap!  It’s SNOWING again.  Me and my big mouth about making plans, again.

Naw….can’t be…if this WAS boating season, 2017…MOVE OVER, LUCAS.  I’M YA NEW NA-BUH!!

Dan in Almostcanada

RIP Eugene Dixon

I met Gene Dixon, briefly, in that parking area down by the beach at Eufaula.  His boat was neither “finished” nor was it in the water.  He told me about his plans to transit on down the Mississippi.  There was more—exploring the Gulf Coast, as I dimly recall.   I suspect I offered some minor form of encouragement, and wandered off to another conversation.  Neither convinced, nor particularly engaged.  Certainly, I was wrong on both accounts.

It was, everybody’s buddy, Mean Gene who got Mr. Dixon to bring his boat to Stockton that fall.  It was Gene who got him to go out and SAIL his boat.  IT WAS GENE WHO HELPED HIM REALIZE HIS DREAM.

It’s to Gene Berry that I say, “Thank you, for all of us, for helping yet another one of us, chase his dream!”  And, to Gene Dixon, “Thank you for dreaming that dream.  And, thank you for being justly proud of what you did to accomplish it.”

Dan Rogers
Diamond Lake, WA


Here is another of Herb’s old catalog scans…

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