A Modest Proposal – Part 3.7


Dan’s plan “Just as all roads, eventually, lead to a wider world; it’s still the journey that matters. Or so my staff poet, here at the Frankenwerke, tells me on those ubiquitous little yellow-stickies he […]

The Duck Pond, 16 March 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Simplicity 8 Classic Sawfish 2.0 is 3D, I’m updating the instructable almost as fast as I get this new cut pattern done. The hull shape […]

“Mulsae” Watches Fireworks- Part Two


Part One – Part Two Saturday, November 12 A restful night into the morning that finds me waking up AFTER sunrise. Readers of my previous adventures know that normally I am waking up before dawn. […]

Jim Michalak’s Newsletter


We are big fans of Jim Michalak’s designs and like to let you know when there is a new issue of his newsletter.  You can read it by clicking HERE.

Tim and Kim Summers from Indianan


Recently, I submitted an article to Duckworks (Clones of our Dianne’s Rose, Dec. 2016) about some of the “Tiny” houseboats (DIANNE’S ROSE Design) that have been launched. Updated pictures and my wish to better represent […]

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