A Modest Proposal – Part 4.0


Dan’s plan “What I mean by that, is if I didn’t go out and move a bunch of critical snow berms this afternoon, spring would come and go with my fleet likely still snowbound. When […]

A Modest Proposal – Part 3.7


Dan’s plan “Just as all roads, eventually, lead to a wider world; it’s still the journey that matters. Or so my staff poet, here at the Frankenwerke, tells me on those ubiquitous little yellow-stickies he […]

The Duck Pond, 16 March 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Simplicity 8 Classic Sawfish 2.0 is 3D, I’m updating the instructable almost as fast as I get this new cut pattern done. The hull shape […]

“Mulsae” Watches Fireworks- Part Two


Part One – Part Two Saturday, November 12 A restful night into the morning that finds me waking up AFTER sunrise. Readers of my previous adventures know that normally I am waking up before dawn. […]

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