The Duck Pond, 30 March 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Sawfish Kayak

Thanks to whoever made Google translate , this builder in the Ukraine and I were able to communicate and help him complete his own Sawfish. He left the hull open to allow two paddlers.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook


Sail Ho! The “13” in “26” mode, complete with 6ft dinghy. Bad light and too much wind. More coming…

Iain Rogers

from Facebook

Goat Island Skiff (GIS)

We had really nice spring weather today. Should have gone sailing, but had to do some work in the garden and to finalise work on the second hand trailer that I bought in the autumn for our GIS. The bunks are ready and fitted in place and the height of the top level has been raised a bit (the GIS is quite high sided) to allow the trolley to be pulled onto the base trailer more easily.

The only thing I want to change is the bow chock which should be spaced more closely to the front of the standing beam of the trolley. The boat should move about 20cm (8 inches) to the front and that would position the aft bunk in the same position relative to the boat as what I had on the old trailer, which works pretty well balance wise.

Joost Engelen

from Facebook

Beach Roller Alternative

Recently, Duckworks magazine carried an article about inflatable beach rollers which Duckworks Boatbuilders Supply sells. They are expensive and not only do you need to purchase two rollers but also an inflation pump for a total cost approaching $200.

A much cheaper alternative for beach rollers is to use high density foam rollers which are made for use by Physical Therapists in treating  back injuries. These rollers are 6 inches in diameter and 36 inches long. There are numerous internet supply sources for physical therapy supplies and prices of these rollers range from $20  to $25  each. Inflatable rollers  have some advantages as they can be used as lifting devices also.. But the high density foam PT rollers can’t be punctured, no pump is required, and their shorter but adequate length  makes  them easier to stow on board.

Tom  Fulk, Owner of Yankee Doodle, a 15 foot Bolger Spur II design.

Beach Rollers


Gotta plug this stuff: System Three QuickFair. Applies easily, sands easy after only four hours and it makes a wonderfully smooth surface. I can’t tell you how many S&G boats I’ve seen where you could see all the tape clearly though the paint. Using this means you don’t have to on yours. This makes it very easy to get a yacht finish on your plywood boat.

John Bell

from Facebook

14′ Ultralite Trimaran

Progress Report on the 14′ Ultralite Trimaran know as “Tridentical.” So I made a few changes from the balsa model, and construction is finally underway on the actual boat! I’ll make a few more mods before offering plans, but it all depends on how the sea trials go. Anyway, with the bilge and bottom panels all being identical, it’s a kinda unique hull!

Frank Smoot

from Facebook

12′ Mini-Panga

Just got and replied to this email from Burke Bailey about his 12′ Mini-Panga project.

Hi Burke,

Thanks for the great pics. Not sure how it will sail. It’s a planing hull, so will be dragging a lot of water around when moving at moderate displacement speeds or higher, so it won’t be a fast sailor, but it might just surprise you at its agility.




Ok so it’s been a while since I updated my build. The boat was safe from the elements so there was no imperative I guess. I have moved now and it is outside so back to it! Got the deck on and glassed and sanded. Will be doing a skim coat of fairing compound and another sanding. Will be adding a watertight hatch to the front deck and oiled oak rubrails (1.5 x 3/4″) and oiled oak flooring (3/4 x 3.5″) after painting. I was thinking of adding a mast step just forward of the bulkhead and 3 oarlocks (2 on the sides, 1 in the rear for a rudder oar. How do you think she would sail?


More info on the Bahia:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Chuckanut 15

Dave Gentry design Chuckanut 15 temporarily lashed together with stretch wrap.

Seth Miller

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Quick Canoe

A new Quick Canoe built by Chuck Pierce getting an onsite review on the Sabine River near Bon Wier,Texas while on a 3 day, 40 mile float trip. John Goodman‘s Goat Island Skiff in the foreground.

John Goodman

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“Sea Jewel” was build by Paul Kirwin of Sugar Land, Texas for Bruce J. Snider in 2015. The architect Stevenson Projects designed “The Weekender” with a wheel but we decided on a tiller giving a bit more room for seating. Paul also raised the ceiling at my request. Electrical, sonar, anchor system, boom kicker, engraved keel guard, etc. installed and/or designed by Bruce.

DesignsinGems Bruce J. Snider‎

from Facebook and here on Facebook

Sassafras 12

CLC Sassafras 12 completed and ready to hit the water this week.

Michael Cagle

from Facebook

PT Skiff

Glassed and fill coated the starboard side of my PT Skiff hull this weekend! It was quite a task. 9 oz. glass is thirsty!

Jim Long

from Facebook

Howth Head

These are photos just received of a 30′ version of the Selway Fisher Howth Head built in plywood by Dennis Nissen. Dennis simply used a scaling factor to increase the sizes and shapes of the hull panels, frames etc. The Howth Head started life as the Lambay Island, a 22′ steel motor cruiser with a large aft cockpit.

Paul Fisher

from Facebook

Blue Duck

Out playing in Blue Duck today the 1907 Gray is running nicely.

Peter Murton

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