The Duck Pond, 16 March 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Simplicity 8 Classic

Sawfish 2.0 is 3D, I’m updating the instructable almost as fast as I get this new cut pattern done. The hull shape is about the same, but the cutting and glueing is easier.

Josh Crystal Withe

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Lawrence Academy Kayak

Day 3: Lawrence Academy Kayak Build.
1. Removing ties
2. Filling cracks and crevices
3. Sanding interiors
4. Priming interiors

A FULL day. I’m beat!

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The end of Week 1: Kayak Build!

Interiors sanded and primed
Hulls sanded and coated w/ epoxy
Foot braces installed
Decks assembled
Hulls primed.

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Day 6: Lawrence Academy Kayak Build.

The decks go on!
Cockpits cut out.
Fore and aft hatch openings.
Glass taping seams.

Chris Balch

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Jon Boat

The Jon Boat is coming along slowly (rainy weather) but nicely. I have glassed the hull, started the fairing process and added the bottom strakes. You can follow along with my build on my blog at texasriverdata. com/blog/

Bud Brinkley

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19′ Albion

Steve Rountree’s 19′ Albion project recently launched.

More info and free, downloadable study prints:

Jeff Spira

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Teign Motor Barge

Haydn Cook is building the 65’x13′ steel version of the Selway Fisher Teign motor barge and is well on the way with the hull and superstructure – there is a lot of fitting out!

Paul Fisher

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Selway Fisher Power 1.2

The big day, Hafren a Selway Fisher power 1.2 launched into the Gloucester Sharpness canal for a test run.

Phil Sykes

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Oxford Wherry

Launched my Oxford Wherry from Angus Adventures at Vancouver Lake WA over the weekend. She still needs quite a bit of finishing, but I needed to see whether she floats.

Daniel Ackermann

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Roller Furler

Boat project time. A roller furler for my kruger’s jibs. And maybe even the asymetric spinnaker. I used the ideas found Navigator Joel’s blogspot. Boat project time. A roller furler for my kruger’s jibs. And maybe even the asymetric spinnaker. I used the ideas found Navigator Joel’s blogspot.

I managed to spend less than $20. I used a pvc end cap for 3″ pipe, a piece of 1.5″ pvc as the drum, some starboard scraps for the drum flanges, a U bolt, an eye bolt, and nuts, washers etc.

I tested it in the basement and it worked well. Now just need to try it n the boat and on the water.

Greg Welker

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Tolman Tuesdays…Building the Tolman Widebody Skiff

Not counting a couple weeks of sporadic building in late November and early December, this is the seventh week of this boat build. During the past week, I made a lot of progress. All of the deck panels were fitted and sealed on the undersides with three coats of epoxy. The conduit was installed in the bilge to route controls and steering cables, wiring harness, and fuel tank wiring from the transom to the center console.

All of the center struts I made to help the 1/2″ deck plywood span the 28″ clear space between the stringers were glued in place, and then the two boxes of pool noodles I bought for flotation were installed in any open areas in the bilge. “Getting ready for summer?” said the UPS man as he delivered the boxes. “You can never have too many pool noodles” I responded.

I went back and forth in my mind about the best way to route the cables. I was either going to drill through the stringers amidships where the console will sit, or build the console 3″ wider so the conduit could be routed up the outside of the stringers. Then Colin Tolman gave me a big assist by showing how he does it by cutting through the stringers back near the transom where the stress is far less than amidships. Brilliant!

On Sunday I got all the deck panels glued down and glassed, then today I cut and installed the splashwell. Four weeks to the boat show, and I’m getting a little bit nervous. Hopefully there will be some paint on the hull by this time next week. Now I’m waiting to hear that my trailer has arrived at the dealer’s.

Jim Shula

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