The Duck Pond, 9 March 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Simplicity 8 Classic

 After several long pauses over the last 2 plus years I finally got my latest dinghy build in the water.  It is a Selway-Fisher Simplicity 8 Classic which I extended to 9′-3″.

From Paul’s website –
The Simplicity 8 Classic is modified version of the original Simplicity 8 which was designed for simple stitch and tape construction. In this case, the drawings for the Classic version show details for her to be built using the ply over frame method. A framework consisting of the transoms, centre frame and moulds are set up on a strongback and hog, chine and gunwale stringers added – the ply hull skin is then fitted over size and trimmed to suit. LOA 7’9″ (2.36m); Beam 4′ (1.23m); Approx. wht. 65 lbs (30 kg).

The hull is built with 6 and 9 mm marine Hydrotek plywood;
The lumber is pine;
The plywood is glued and screwed to the frame with System 3 T-88 epoxy and about 180 silicon-bronze screws;
The outside of the hull is sheathed with 4oz glass and epoxy from Duckworks;
2 coats of primer, inside and out – Bulls Eye 1-2-3;
2 coats of exterior latex, inside and out – Benjamin Moore Aura;
Per Paul’s suggestion I will use the sail plan from his Skylark 9.

Rows very easy, tracks great and there will be lots of room when sailing.



The “13”, ready for testing once the snow has gone.

Iain Rogers

from Facebook

Tamar 31

Larger than most builders projects, so this is just to show what can be done by a part time home builder. Tom is busy building his Tamar 31 catamaran in his spare time, but even so it is going well. He only started the build in Nov 16. The hull bottoms of both hulls are now planked, next job is to fit the topsides and then the knuckle. More about the Tamar here.

Richard Woods

from Facebook

Nathaniel Herreshoff Online

“Charles Herreshoff Jr.’s cat-yawl, Alice, of 1889.”

This is wonderful and amazing beyond belief. If you or I don’t spend three hours looking at this tomorrow … I will eat my hat.

Ever want to visit Nathaniel Hereshoff’s Model Room museum?

You CAN.

It is ALL online. Click mouse on a photo or model in the left column and see the large image and information on the right.

A labour of love from Claas van der Linde.

Michael Storer

from Facebook

Ancient Toy Boat

A thousand years ago, for reasons we will never know, the residents of a tiny farmstead on the coast of central Norway filled an old well with dirt. Maybe the water dried up, or maybe it became foul. But when archaeologists found the old well and dug it up in the summer of 2016, they discovered an unexpected surprise: a carefully carved toy, a wooden boat with a raised prow like a proud Viking ship, and a hole in the middle where a mast could have been stepped.

John C. Nystrom

from Facebook

Ready to Splash

Just a few minor touch-ups but she’s basically done. Next shots should be on the water.

Doug Martin

from Facebook

The Good Oil

Study Finds Lemon Eucalyptus Essential Oil Is Better Mosquito Repellent Than DEET.

Robb Allen

from Facebook

Ice Boating

We really struck gold yesterday on Flathead Lake.

John Eisenlohr

from Facebook

2017 EC

2017 Everglades Challenge (EC)  Start from CP1.

Brian Pearson

from Facebook

Rod Holders

Nice enough out to finally get the Scotty rod holder mounts bolted in. I’m hoping to fabricate a leeboard bracket that will “plug in” to these. They’re rock solid.

Joe Stromski

from Facebook


Currently building a Dierking Wa’apa with a carved foam bottom. More pictures to come.

Robin James

from Facebook


Frames all glued in with half the glassed center case . I’ve progressed beyond the available plans, John Welsford may note some unauthorized plan deviations: I continued the center spine to the transom and kept the raised sole all the way to aft end of the cockpit.

Chris Tomsett

from Facebook

Happy Hour Kayak

I have completed all the hull and painting work on my Happy Hour Kayak.  It took me 75 hours to complete, with a few mistakes and reworks here and there.  I could knock 10 hours or more off this build time with the experience I now have. This facebook blog chronicles all the building.  See the videos for time-lapse fun of the build process.  Look for a full build video that compresses 75 hours into 10 minutes.

Tom Burton

read more on Facebook

Lawrence Academy Kayak

Lawrence Academy Kayak build. 9 boats in 10 days.

Day 1: Side panels and bottoms assembled, frames in, and 3 even started filleting.

DAY 2: Lawrence Academy Kayak Build

1. Hull filleting complete
2. Shear clamps installed
3. Interior boats coated with epoxy
4. Bottom inside seam fiberglassed

Big Days! Kids did great!!

Chris Balch
Day 1 from Facebook
Day 2 from Facebook


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