The Duck Pond, 20 April 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Early progress on John Gauntt’s 15′ 3″ ‘V’ bottomed Rose steam launch designed by Selway Fisher Design, with the frames, inner stem and transom erected onto the strongback.

Paul Fisher

from Facebook

Quick Fair

I would like to thank Chuck Leinweber for hooking me up with some System Three Quick Fair. I found that it mixes up very easy to a nice peanut butter consistency, it spreads very well , very easy to use, and clean up is simple. I used it on a C&C 30 ONE DESIGN R/C Sailboat and am very pleased with the results, thus far. Three hour drying time is nice and fast ( still wet at the time of this posting).

Peter Kunst

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New Quintana Panga Rightside Up

Just got this email and photo:

Hi Jeff,

Here’s is the Quintana Panga interior. We just flipped it last weekend. Took eight guys and it survived the roll over. Going to finish as a center console with Duffy type seating.


Greg Kuiper

Jeff Spira

More info here:

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Twenty minutes total to complete the side panels. Some will call this cheating Clinton B Chase!

Mark Nye

from Facebook


The latest sawfish kayak optimized for fishing, by Ryan Swift.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook

12’6″ Northumbrian Coble

Just received more photos of Adrian While’s Selway Fisher 12’6″ Northumbrian Coble in Croatia – “It has given us immense pleasure for 10 years, and during all that time it has spent 10 months of the year upside down on the top of the beach. No rot has appeared and the epoxy and cloth were intact, even where the paint was dinked.

It is a testament to the extraordinary toughness and durability of stitch and tape plywood build when covered with glass cloth with 2 pack paint. She has been much admired.”

Paul Fisher

from Facebook


Finally, got some video of my Chautauqua sailing canoe in action. Joe Bob says check it out.

Dave Gentry

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