May Letters


I Am Old Ironsides OK, so old time sailors didn’t really drink three gallons of rum a day. This link is good for seeing the real ship from all angles. When you get into the […]

Tiller Extension


A few days ago I found myself sitting with the drawings for the Steve Redmond TETRA design I have been building and working out the details of the tiller extension shown there.  This simple but […]

A Modest Proposal 6.2


“And, while the New Boss is taking a bit of a well-earned break right now; he was, apparently, pretty busy earlier today.  I’m guessing he got that ne’er-do-well morning crew together. Those guys got my […]

A Modest Proposal 6.1


“Gypsy Wagon can actually perform the mission as assigned for those cruises-as hospitality wagon. I did get stuck trying to get back into the shop yesterday. None of the easy fixes will work. Like lowering […]

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