May Letters

I Am Old Ironsides

OK, so old time sailors didn’t really drink three gallons of rum a day. This link is good for seeing the real ship from all angles. When you get into the site you’ll be amazed at how they made it look like you’re standing there looking all around. 

Dave Lucas

A T-Shirt Idea

Chuck,  I’ve had this design idea for a while and have never pursued it.  If you like it, please have at it.  attached file
appreciate what you do,
Glenn H

An Interesting clip on YouTube

Submitted by Thomas G

AF4B Progress

I was laid up over the winter but I am back to my AF4B Build.  I had a nice row in Moby Dink yesterday for Opening Day of Boating Season on Portage Bay in Seattle.  The oak stem plate in not in the plans but this is what will hit stuff that goes bump in the night so I wanted the oak for strength.

Bob H

Thought For The Day

My friend Chippy Wood was a paid  professional anthropology dude and man of the world who knows all of the secrets of life and he tells me that these two phrases pretty much say it all. It does seem to apply to most of the guys I know, which would be you guys.

“Give a man a fish and he will eat for a day. Teach him how to fish, and he will sit in a boat and drink beer all day.”
“to have a friend, be a friend”…anon.

Dave Lucas

Frolic2 Update

The oars are coming along, so it looks like we may be able to launch her, and move her. Maybe. The dunking is on, though.

Getting antsy.

Peace, Robert


Hey Chuck,

I had a great day in the SNS today. winds were 17-22mph gusting to 25. of course this was my first time ever in an SNS but right now I can tell you I will definitely be in my Normsboat for the FL120. I’m sore all over from the gymnastics required to fly that rascal. I got myself in and out of trouble 3 times with the last time being the most fun.

I was changing tacks and got tangled in the main sheet and tiller extension just as a big gust hit me. the boat went over on the port side and started filling with water. I was finally able to get myself untangled enough to get off the main sheet and let the sail spill off. by then though the boat had turned downwind and when it came upright the sail swung forward of the mast. so there i was,  sail out front of the mast, blowing downwind, slopping in water up to my ankles, wrapped in a mess of ropes.

I dropped the sail and bundled it up together around the boom and yard and swung the whole mess back around the mast then just hoisted the sail back up, put the tiller hard over and we were sailing again like nothing happened. the boat didn’t even seem to notice the water inside. i just bailed it out as i sailed back down the cove.




  1. I was delighted to see your advertisement in Small Craft Advisor, No 105, May/Jun 2017 issue. It was also nice to see designers’ names displayed under every picture of boats.

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