The Duck Pond, 25 May 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: J/70 One Design With a very early start ( last night ) and using the first keel/frame package as a mock up, I’m just about […]

Installing a Solar-Powered Fan


Until now our Bolger Micro has lived on its trailer either in our yard, or in the garage. Starting this summer, the boat will be [we hope] sitting at a dock on the local lake, […]

A (No-Longer-Modest) Proposal 6.0


” And, of course, that was to head down to the launching ramp! Time for that long-awaited float test. We were almost three months behind schedule. Time was awastin’. Time to begin the search for […]

A Wood Bilge Pump


OK… so I’m a hobbiest at best. I’m impatient, a quick starter who loves trying something new, but hates the finish work. This was just one more side trip as the weather continues to keep […]

A Modest Proposal 5.1


” Even if you’ve never actually seen a snow frog, certainly you’re familiar with their mating calls. And, I suppose I should take my share of the credit for such a successful snow frog mating […]

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