A Modest Proposal 4.7


Dan’s plan “It’s an interesting confluence of events. A week ago it was raining hard, snowing at the same time, freezing and thawing. Generally not what most folks would consider prime boating weather. “ Part […]

The Duck Pond, 4 May 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Clarisa Driftwood Boatworks: Introducing CLARISA to her new wet domain. …and she gave it a kiss. Christoph Harlan from Facebook Didi 34 Sergey Bessarab of […]

A Modest Proposal 4.6


Dan’s plan “None of the crew here at the Frankenwerke actually watch TV shows. You could say that we are “inner driven.” I think that’s the psychobabblers’ description. But. One of the guys says he […]

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