The Duck Pond, 18 May 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Foam Kayak

I received these pictures from a Dutch builder.  He created this foam kayak to use on the local canals. He left it open so he could lay back to duck under the extremely low bridges in the area. It is short enough to stand up vertically for storage in his house, and to allow transportation inside his car.

15 kg, 2.4 m long, 82 cm wide.

He used foam that is about 1.5″ (4 cm) thick, wrapped in this bright fabric, and coated it with epoxy to allow the pattern to show through. He believes it will help him sneak up on wildlife, as he built this for taking pictures.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook


DZK KID boat finished and ready for water tests.

Dzintars Kaufmans

from Facebook

22 Tolman

22′ Tolman super wide body is progressing well. All the glass was completed yesterday and Sunday and first coat of faring compound last night. This skiff was originally designed as a 7’6″ beam. I widened the Chines to 5 inches and recut the gunwales and transom to match. It gives me a 7’10” beam. This will probably end up as an open boat, but I may keep it and put a cuddy cabin and a 6 foot top house on it. You can follow progress at my Facebook page Kachemak Skiffs.

Anthony  Lyndaker

from Facebook


Sorry y’all, been busy with other stuff, so only pickin’ away on the canoe. So, here ya go. Bottom doubler is done except for glassing the center joint. I’m gonna wait to do that until after the keel is on so the glass will cover the screw holes. Inwale is on. Just gotta radius the edges and blend it into the breast hook and quarter knees. Hatch is done.

We’re gonna take the Kayaks down to Lake Adger tomorrow.

Comin’ up next is the big flip, glass taping the outside seams, adding the keel. Won’t be long now! Just a mess of sanding, varnishing, painting.

Look at all the clamps holding the inwale in place. No screws. I think the epoxy will do the job. If not, it’ll be really exciting when I start removing the clamps and everything goes SPRRROING!!!

Next picture is the hatch – wow, thrillsville! Still gonna pop a chunk of foam in there to hold Mr. Zuki up if Miss Debbie or I do sumpin stoopid. Nawww.

Gosh, that garage sure is clogged up. Now, just how does a fella get ANYTHING done in there. I’ll tell ya. Gotta move stuff around every time another operation has to be done. And, Miss Debbie really wants to pull Red in there. What? Who’s Red? Oh yeah, Red is our red Honda Fit who is SUPPOSED to live in the garage.

Charles Ludwig

from Facebook

Tridentical 14

OK, time for a current update! Here are some shots of my “Tridentical 14” trimaran main hull, so named because the bottom panel and both bilge panels are all three cut identically – which means easier layouts for the builders! Is it as good as I require my hulls to be? Only the upcoming sea trials will reveal the truth.

Frank Smoot

from Facebook

Franks’s plans are in the duckworks store.

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