The Duck Pond, 11 May 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Dianne’s Rose

There have been a few DIANNE’S ROSE, Tiny Houseboats built and I thought I’d put together a slide show for you all.

Roy Schreyer

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Tolman Skiff

Starting another Tolman Skiff here at Kachemak Skiffs. 21’4″ Tolman Super Widebody. 7’10” beam.

Anthony Christian Lyndaker

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Justin’s GIS is moving along. Don’t be discouraged by the number of clamps. It is possible to build with almost none by using temporary drywall/plasterboard screws to hold bits together until the glue sets up.

Yesterday filleted on the bottom seams, scarfed and glued the new inwales, finished gluing the first oar blank, milled, fit, and installed the sidearms on bulkhead 2.

Today I milled future knees, the tiller handle, and cleaned up the breasthook blank, laid and cut out the plywood bits for the tiller, sorted out scraps, filleted leftover joints from yesterday, fit and installed some spacers on the middle seat, and milled, shaped, and fitted the front middle seat cleats. Then I drove across town to get paint, primer, rollers, and some odds and ends to tidy things up. Nothing like cross town Athens traffic to make you curse like a sailor, thankfully there are podcasts today. Justin Wimpey‎

Michael Storer

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Carolina Dory

New Planked Foredeck of Pescadero Carolina Dory – Australia

A builder of this nice Pescadero Carolina Dory from Australia just sent me this nice email and photos.

Hi Jeff,

Here is a pic of the foredeck of my Pescadero. It looks similar to what John Rocco Macar has done with his Caladesi. Now the weather has cooled off here, I am getting on with finishing the Pesadero and moving along with the Chesapeke V bottom dory. The cleat in the pic is just sitting there for effect. Not even sure where I will put it yet. I may even run the anchor chain through a hole near the fairlead to save scuffing up the nice foredeck.

Kind regards,

David Ambler
Winfield, Qld

P.S. A nice grey kangaroo pic attached as well. Gotta keep up the Aussie image eh!!

Great looking deck. I can’t wait to see the completed boat on the water.

Jeff Spira

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Seneca Pacific Dory

Seneca Pacific Dory Completed in Washington

Just got this note from a builder in Washington.

Hey Jeff,

I just completed the construction of a 14 foot Seneca pacific power dory. I started the boat in October and finished up on Easter. Since then, I have used the boat three times in Lake Washington near Seattle. The construction was definitely more work than I thought but I ended up with a great boat. We placed a 15 horsepower motor on the boat which pushes it along well. With one person you are flying across the water but once you get up to three people it slows down a lot. With two people, I could get the boat going about 16 mph. I would like to potentially get a bigger motor. The Seneca cuts through larger waves well and is quite stable. The boat building experience was great and I would like to continue it in the future.

Thanks for all of your help!


Now that is a beautiful interior!

Jeff Spira

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Grander Whitewater Dory

Homebuilt Grander Whitewater Dory in the Grand Canyon

I received this email and pictures just yesterday.

Dear Jeff,

Several years ago I wrote to you asking for a double ender whitewater dory design. Within a year a design was out for the Grander. Two years, I finally had the time to undertake the building of the dory and the space to build it. Wow! What a year it has been. It was a daily learning experience. I stopped working on the dory at least twice simply because it was more than I could do. With encouragement from friends and a friend who put in many hours, I finally finished the dory two weeks before my Grand Canyon launch date: March 22, 2017.

Take a look at her and realize she (Zenah) was the best dory a person could use to run the Colorado River through the Grand Canyon. Zenah took on the biggest holes and grandest wave with ease. I never thought during the entire 235 mile trip with a hundred plus rapids that she would fail me. What an incredible design and awesome dory. Lava Falls is one of the biggest rapids on the Grand, the pictures will give you an idea of the wave size.

Dale Holt Houghtaling

235 miles and 100 rapids? Wow, what a trip that must have been. So happy you enjoyed it and the dory!

Jeff Spira

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