by Roy Schreyer - Wasaga Beach, Ontario - Canada

I submitted an article to Duckworks a while back (Clones of our Dianne’s Rose, Dec. 2016) about some of the “Tiny” houseboats (DIANNE’S ROSE Design) that have been launched. This is a continuation in the series.

The builds are so unique with personal touches that they each deserve their 15 minutes of fame and stand alone for the fine work the builders have achieved! While some of the content is a repeat of the original article, the pictures are new and are worth a thousand words!

This time we will look at Rick and Robin Laura Hill from London, Ontario, just, sort of, down the road from us. Their build is a “Stretch” so to speak, longer, 24′ and taller, 8′. This has been the biggest version to date and has worked out well. Since the hull shape in the same 4′ from the bow to the stern it is relatively easy to lengthen it by adding additional sections. The added length allows for additional features like a dedicated shower, larger kitchen and a covered rear deck. Rick’s motivation to build was in the spirit of many of the builds. To offer comfort for his lovely wife! They seemed pleased reporting:

This boat draws lots of attention and compliments. Travelling up and down the Ausable River we watched as many other boaters would snap photos of our boat as we passed.”


  1. I do like these little houseboats but I worry about them becoming top heavy and making them prone to roll over.

    • Allen, there is so much weight low in the barge styled hull that it is very stable! Pontoon houseboat have created a bad reputation but barge hulls are completely different! Best/Roy

  2. I’m considering a boat like this for a poor man’s version of a vacation cabin.
    How does DR compare to building a similar cabin on an old deck boat?
    Comparing the cost weight, and stability.
    Also tow vehicle required to move a DR safely on the trailer.
    Any ideas would help.
    Thanks Josh

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