June Letters


Hi Chuck,

Well, we finally splashed both the Chuckanut 12 and the Sawfish 12. A couple of pix attached.

I continue to enjoy Duckworks Magazine each day!


Jim Brown
Sweetwater TN



with LOTS of help from Lance, my Alaska finally hit the water today. Most likely I’ll be bringing it down to Port Aransas in October, with hopefully a few miles under her keel already by then.

I’ll try her out under sail tomorrow if the weather cooperates.



Another Way

Hi Chuck and Sail OK folks.  A while back Duckworks Magazine published an article I wrote titled ‘There’s Another Way‘.  In it I urged consideration of the purchase of a boat rather than charter.  In ‘Sailing Texas’ there is a great example of what I wrote about:  This 24′ San Juan is located in a terrific place to start a month’s vacation [2,3,4 months if you’re retired or a teacher]  Buy this San Juan in Mobile, Alabama, explore all the offshore Islands from North Florida to New Orleans.  Or, go up to,the Tennessee Tombigbee waterway from Mobile.  When you are all done, sell the boat for 1/2 or less of what you paid… and you will have had the cheapest sailing vacation you can imagine.  Or keep it… that’s a good boat for less than 15 days in a nice motel. and you can visit great sailing venues rather than stay in one place… and don’t even think of a charter in comparison.  Enjoy… Dale Lilly

Way more work than I thought

“EastWindRain” is her name.  I can’t wait to see it done and there is 100%more work in it than I ever thought…  literally it’s all I’ve been doing for the past few months.

Joel H

Farley Boat Works

Farley Boat Works opened in Port Aransas in 1915.  The early wooden boats they built  were Farley Tarpon Skiffs for the popular tarpon sport fishery. The company closed in 1972.  In 2011 the Port Aransas Museum acquired the property where the Farley Boat Works was in business before closing.  The Museum re-established the Farley Boat Works as a non-profit working museum and boat building school.  The mission is to carry on the tradition of wooden boat building in Port Aransas.


Students can schedule boat building class to build a boat individually or take a scheduled Family or Youth boat building class. Since 2012 Farley Boat Works has helped students build eighty boats.


Glen L Witt

It’s with a heavy heart I announce that my father, Glen Lewis Witt, passed away on June 13, 2017. He lived until age 98 and we are so grateful to have had him with us that long. He founded Glen-L Marine in 1953 and will be remembered for the lives he’s touched all these years through the hobby of building boats.
I’m blessed to be able to continue his legacy here at Glen-L, but will miss his presence, support, encouragement and tremendous knowledge of all things boat building. We sincerely hope you’ll help us keep his legacy alive by building his boats as we continue to serve you.
The family is making plans for a memorial and we will keep you informed. In the meantime, you can make a comment and post photos on the memorial site we are building.
Gayle Brantuk


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  1. What a gorgeous boat, Tom. Hope to see it some time and look forward to reading about your adventures in this new craft. Maybe in Florida Bay?

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