The Duck Pond, 15 June 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

31′ Selway Fisher Strip Planked Launch

The fit-out of Mark Walker’s 31′ Selway Fisher strip planked launch – ‘Green Woodpecker’ is well under way. She is not in the catalogue yet but soon will be.

Paul Fisher

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B & B Designs Motor Canoe

FINALLY! Here are the completed pictures. Well, almost. Gotta add leather pads where Mr. Zuki will clamp himself on. As far as I can tell with my bathroom scales, we came out at 68#, Miss Debbie will be happy with that. I’ll return with some impressions of performance after our camping trip – if I can wait that long to try it out…

Charles Ludwig

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This is a five minute slideshow of the birth of my navigator. I hope other potential boat builders will find it useful. On my blog.

Robert Ditterich

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16′ Wye River Garvey Dory

Chris Law’s 16′ Wye River Garvey Dory is coming together for this summer’s fishing season.

More info and free study prints:

Jeff Spira

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Point Comfort 23

Out with the new, in with the old. The Point Comfort 23 was levered out of the shop, and has made it’s way to Moriches for the motor install. Took 3 days to clean up the shop after a 2 plus year build. Meanwhile, Mouse, the Matinicus double ender is in for some varnish and touch up paint.

Jim Luton

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Tridentical 14

At last! Took the “Tridentical 14” out for first sea trials today. Not as much wind as promised, just 5-7. But that was enough to see that it’s an amazing little boat! Quick, nimble, dry, points well, and a blast to sail. The tiny 65 sf sail matched wind speed on a reach, but it’s crying out for 95 sf – which it will soon have!

Frank Smoot

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Goat Island Skiff

Spacers are on board! My nail gun came in handy for this step.

Brian Fry

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