The Duck Pond, 29 June 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Whoa. Tim McCann raises the bar with his new Ruth.

In other news, Tim’s lovely and talented daughter stars in a movie that revolves around building a boat! Check out “June, Adrift.”

Dave Gentry

from Facebook

Huntington Harbor Kayak

Huntington Harbor Kayak Launched in Cincinnati Ohio. I just got this email and pictures of a newly launched Huntington Harbor Kayak.

Hi Jeff,
Nice design. Fun to build great to paddle. Looking forward to more outings.
Ken Schmithorst,
Cincinatti, Ohio

Nice job there, Ken. Looks like you’re having a blast!

These plans are FREE and are available if you join the insider section here:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook


“Simplicity” decked sailing canoe. It is ultralight construction using a unique method of shape development which can utilize a new type folding form. The process was tested using a 1/4 scale model built using the method. The photo here is the full size canoe. Propulsion is by double paddle, sail, or Mirage pedal Drive. The Mirage Drive can be used while under sail. Sail and Mirage Drive are mutually complimentary. The Mirage Drive provides effective lateral resistance particularly when pedaled even slightly, just as ornithopter models provide both thrust and lift.

Scott Schaffer

from Facebook

Turning a Spar

Saw a post about turning a spar using a router. Seems it would be easier and more effective [or needs less actual labor (excuse my French)] if it the router would move itself along the rotating spar. Hand-cranked for control of course, and not to seem too lazy. Here’s my quick idea. Feedback welcome!

Ed Maurer

from Facebook

Waterlodge 20

Here are the promised photos of my Glen-L Waterlodge 20 houseboat.

Jake Peters

from Facebook

13′ Petrel

Martin Jasco has sent pictures of his finished Selway Fisher 13′ Petrel Catboat sailing in Estonia – looking very smart. She is a simple stitch and tape design with 3 planks per side plus a narrow flat bottom.

Paul Fisher

from Facebook

16′ Kayak

Weight testing my new 16 foot tandem kayak, I’m no body builder, it’s made out of foam.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook

New Zealand Builds

Here are two pictures from my faitful New Zealand builders. Its Winter there and working with Epoxy is impossible. But time for new ideas. I like this folding wing seat. Also, a photo from the same boat. This blue is intriguing.

Bernd Kohler

from Facebook


Nearly done! I made the jib last night and am hoping for some good wind to test it out tonight! I also realize I have a lot to learn about being a good sailor (and boat builder)…

Fairbanks Fred

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