The Duck Pond, 8 June 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Great Alaskan

This should fool everyone, a foam boat wrapped in fabric that looks like planks. This is the second hull from the same dutch builder.

Josh Crystal Withe

from Facebook

Courtenay Offshore Pacific Power Dory

Courtenay Offshore Pacific Power Dory Nears Completion

I just got these pictures of a nearly completed 17′ Courtenay Offshore Pacific Power dory being built by Gord Plain, up in the West Coast of Canada.

Looking good Gord! I like the cabin and great color combo.

More information and access to free study prints, and links to purchase these plans may be downloaded at:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

Scow 244

News from the Scow 244 – Free plan ! with cheap 3D help file.…/delaunay/s244free/index.htm

Jérôme Delaunay

from Facebook

Tolman Skiff

8 foot top house with tugboat Roof set on 24 foot Tolman Skiff jumbo! Check us out at Kachemak Skiffs on Facebook.

Anthony Christian Lyndaker

from Facebook

GRP Runabout

My 3.65 meter runabout plug. I Will make a mold out of it, then use it as a flower pot in a marina.

Truong Luu

from Facebook


Here some pictures from a CATAPROA customer. His first project, he started his build in April.

Bernd Kohler

from Facebook


If you think planing a scarph in a sheet of plywood is hard, try planing ten sheets at once. I think this stack contained ten sheets – eight of 3/8″/9mm and two of 1/4″/6mm – but there might have been some 1/2″/12mm in there as well. We got sore arms and hands from the planing, but it was all done by hand. As long as the sheets are correctly staggered, you can simultaneously plane sheets of differing thickness to a constant 8:1 scarph. It was a big job, but it definitely saved time and space. The resulting hull was (still is) beautiful.

Ross Lillistone

from Facebook

Prospector Canoe

A nice example of the Selway Fisher strip planked Prospector Canoe by Gordon Davies recently launched – love the alternating colours in the wood on the bottom. Strip planking allows a whole range of personal touches.

Paul Fisher

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  1. I love this multiple scarf idea.Using it will probably prevent mistakes that are likely to happen on smaller batches.

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