Building the Sawfish 12 – Part Two


A Foam Kayak Designed by Rowerwet (Josh Withe) Builder: Jim Brown – Sweetwater, TN Part One – Part Two Part Two – Covering and Finishing There is nearly a month gap since Part 1 was written. […]

The Duck Pond, 20 July 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Dyneema Eyes to Fasten a Trampoline New materials open the possibility for better solutions for us sailors, one is shown here. Here is a photo […]

Everglades Challenge, 2017 – Part Six


The general course of the waterway is around 62 degrees. In the easterly breeze, we could only point to about 30 degrees, sometimes 40 and sometimes only 20, so long and short tacks would be […]

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