Building the Sawfish 12 – Part One


A Foam Kayak Designed by Rowerwet (Josh Withe) Builder: Jim Brown – Sweetwater, TN Part One – Part Two Part One – Forming Foam You may remember in my recent chronicle regarding the building of a Dave […]

The Duck Pond, 13 July 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Mayfly 14 Boom day tent for my Mayfly 14. Installable on the water. Tom Burton from Facebook 16′ Wye River Garvey Jason Thompson is testing […]

Everglades Challenge, 2017 – Part Two


The rough conditions took a toll on competitors. Graham Byrnes (Roo) hurt his back somewhere in the area and had to retire with his lovely, red Core Sound 17 Mark3. Father-and-son team Paul and Alan […]

Everglades Challenge, 2017 – Part One


“If we go over, swim that way.” I pointed less than a mile to the west, indicating  the south end on Gasparilla Island, just north of Boca Grande Inlet at Charlotte Harbor along Florida’s southwest […]

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