The Duck Pond, 27 July 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

Port Aransas

My daughters had a great time at plywood boat fest in Port Aransas last year. Looking forward to it again.

Jason Green

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Photos of “Grub” cabin arrangements. The cabin can be enclosed in about 5 minutes or less. When cruising the sides and doors are open. We go out to the mooring and sleep on Grub a few times a month. You can set up the “Go-Anywhere” chairs on the stern with your feet on the motorboard, a drink in hand, and watch the sun set and the stars come out.

Tom David

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18′ Carolinian Dory

Maxim Daniel Tenhagen posted this picture of his newly reworked 18′ Carolinian Dory. He originally built it in 2014 and sent me some construction pictures. The wheelhouse/windscreen/hardtop was just added this winter.

That is truly a beautiful boat.

More info, free study prints, and links to purchase plans are available here:

Jeff Spira

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The latest Sawfish foam kayak to be launched, just received the pictures this morning.  The builder is already thinking about a second one.

Josh Crystal Withe

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Putting her through her paces, she is a sound little vessel and I am learning so much by sailing her. Definitely redoing the sail plan and will have new mast and sails for next season, but even now she goes to wind really nicely. I should clean the deck too.

The whole process from design to sailing is so much fun! Right now its only a 10′ luff on the main, and the next set will have 4′ more mast will a gaff rig. I haven’t done the calculations yet to see how much area I’ll gain, but after sailing it I can see that she can handle a lot more sail. I was worried originally so I made her with a bit more conservative sailplan….oh well, live and learn!

Fred Fairbanks

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BE 3.25

I’am very proud to share you the launch of the BE 3.25, neat craft catboat built by Boisecq Erwan, custom design.

Jérôme Delaunay

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Folding Seat

Here some photos of a foldable wing seat on an ECO 55. The road regulation in some countries forbid safe beams for catamarans. A solution for more stability are foldable wing seats. Here some interesting photos how to built foldable seats. Wing seats have more merits. You sit higher from the water surface and have a better view.

Bernd Kohler

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One a Trip.

Perttu Korhonen

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