The Duck Pond, 6 July 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Well, I had planned on launching our new kayaks in the Adirondacks, but upstate NY is having monsoon season.
Instead we launched them on Lake Pentucket, as part of our staycation. Nick was proud of Sunburn, the sawfish kayak he built himself, and I got to splash Tango, my tandem Sawfish kayak in foam, at the same time.

Josh Crystal Withe

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Mast Making

Stanley Number 52 spokeshave, where have you been all my life? Made the sprit for our Penobscot 14 today, had a blast.

Kent Lewis

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Ocean Explorer

My Ocean Explorer sails again – or goes with trolling motor. Tomorrow we will raise sail hoist the flag ad take no hostages!

Perttu Korhonen

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Skerry 15

Uncle Paul’s Boat Shop. FINISHED, plan on splashing Tuesday, 7-4, Lake Horicon, Lakehurst.
Started the build Nov. last year, time and money well spent. Thanks to my wife, Cindy, for her understanding.

Paul J. Lucier

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Viking Canoe

Eric Friberg, of North Fjord Boats in Bellingham, WA, rowing his fantastic Viking canoe. Traditionally built with big cedar planks.

Dave Gentry

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Little Tri

Here a nice photo from a LITTLE TRI with a lugsail from Amsterdam. Now we have seen the boat with three different rigs. The original lateen rig (sunfish sail), a very interesting junk rig sail and now this lugsail. The sail is self made from tarpaulin material shaped along the lines from? easy to recognize. He will make more test runs to find out which sail would fit the best for his requirements.

Bernd Kohler

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Skerry 15 Update

From Uncle Paul’s Boat Shop:


Splashed at Lake Horicon, Lakehurst, NJ. The town was kind enough to have a parade for us, just kidding, Happy Fourth of July. But we had a nice row around the lake, rowing Miss Cindy. Mary Rose is a pleasure to row, a nice stable boat. Looking forward to many hours of being back on the water.

Paul J. Lucier

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32′ Steel Canal Tug

Something different – first photos of the Selway Fisher 32′ steel canal tug by Min Hancock going into the water. For those outside the UK beam is 6’10” to fit in the single canal locks we have in the UK.

Paul Fisher

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Highlander 12

Selway fisher Highlander 12 built in my garage.

Jesus Silver

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