A Day Off



It’s like this.  I’ve been chipping away at some significant home repairs and general honeydo’s, over the past couple-three weeks.  No particular heroics there.  Part of the basic entrance fee, we all pay.  But, the problem started when I decided to take a bit of a boat trip.  Just a day hop.  Nothing out of the ordinary.  Just gonna’ hook up and head out.  The same thing all of us do, whenever we can.  SWMBO said, “Have a good time.”  Jamey-the-sea-dog said, “We ain’t left yet??”

I did some racking and stacking.  Lady Bug got moved from the driveway, where she’s been hanging out since I had to pull her from the shop to cut a bazillion lineal feet of cedar T&G, and needed a place to varnish it.

Gypsy Wagon got moved to Lady Bug’s winter quarters.  Lady Bug moved to Miss Kathleen’s shed out in the woods.  And.  Miss K was already hooked up to Big Red.  And, there I stood.  At the kitchen window.  Wondering if I should just stay home.  And, keep working.  Yep.

Pretty pathetic, huh?

So, then I started thinking about where I should “go.”  The first couple lakes I thought of were “too small.”  The river was “running too fast, and the water is still too shallow…”  Another lake was “too far away.”  Another was OK, but the ramp is pretty flat.  It was getting pretty serious.  Crisis time.

I was actually headed out, to unhook the trailer and maybe get back to hanging that soffit.  Maybe, finish moving that gravel in behind that retaining wall.  Maybe…almost.

I think that was when Jamey jumped up and pulled his leash from the hook by the door.  He dropped it at my feet.  Fish or cut bait time, if ever there was one.  OK.  All aboard.  I called Brad.  “Hey, Brad.  I’ll be passing your house in about 15 minutes.  Wanna take a boat ride?”  “Er.  I got stuff to do.  Stuff I gotta do.  Maybe another time?  Er.  Why do today what you can put off to tomorrow…slow down, and I’ll jump in.”

Wow.  That was really a close call.  I almost didn’t go.  Almost.

We headed north for Priest Lake.  It got cloudy, and started to rain.  The mountains along the route were all covered with what looks like new snow.  The 1st of May.  Wind getting blustery.  An hour later we pulled into one of the big resort complexes to see what things looked like on the ramp.

Yep.  That’s still snow on the ground.  And, not surprisingly, we’re the ONLY boat.  I didn’t really like the ramp, so we went next door.

There were, at least, other people at this ramp.  It’s the Forest Service ramp.  They were just opening for business today.  Cold, rainy.  No other boats.  But, the ranger-lady came out and wanted to know about Miss K.  Seems, she lives on a 26 foot sailboat, here at the lake, during her summer sessions.  Pretty cool.  A great conversation, with somebody who actually knows what a Carrick bend is supposed to look like, if you know what I mean.  And, she didn’t even charge us to launch.

Gray.  Raining.  Starting to blow.  Cold.  What’s not to love?  A couple hours out and around the two principal islands.  Surveying for Boy Scout camping sites accessible by water.  And, back on the trailer.

I’m pretty sure that’s why we have these boats.  You know.  To put ‘em in the water, and go places.  Even for just a couple hours.  Even if it’s raining.  Even, if there’s a list of excuses.

But.  It was, a close call.


  1. You did the right thing, almost always messing about in boats. Love your sow’s ear into silk-purse frankenboats, somehow you make it practical, fun and even esthetic.

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