The Duck Pond, 10 August 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

One Sheet Canoe

Another project from my boat shed.

William Fraser

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Videos Part 2Part 3Part 4Part 5

Goat Island Skiff (GIS)

Varnish is done. Ended up getting a trailer to haul it with, will make long distance relationships more fulfilling in the future. I don’t know if it’s wrong to navel gaze, but I love how those knees turned out. They have this double curvature to them that pictures just don’t do justice.

Justin Wimpey‎

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Carolina Dory

Will Smith’s Caladesi Carolina Dory for Crabbing. Just got this email and pictures of a Caladesi Dory just completed. Here’s what the builder had to say about it:

Here are a few pics of my boat ready for crabbing. It rides & handles well. Its a crowd stopper.
Thanks for your help.
Will Smith

He did a really nice job, and it looks like it’ll become a great working boat.

More info, free study prints, and links to purchase plans are available here:

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Puchie Special Garvey

Puchie Special Garvey Launched in the Philippines.

Just got these pictures of a 23′ Puchie Special Garvey Dory recently completed in the Philippines.

More info, free study prints, and links to purchase plans are available here:

Jeff Spira

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From the pictures it is difficult to imagine the boat, so here is more information

The plans are also available at Duckworks magazine.

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Here is a series of pictures of the next CATAPROA. He is doing great job with sensible improvements. He made also his own sails and carbon fiber gudgeons.

Bernd Kohler


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Thames 14

Chris Ward’s Thames 14 is in the water and looking great –

Paul Fisher

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Got the top covered with Xynole and two coats of epoxy, one coat of primer followed by one coat of enamel. The rough texture still telegraphs through similar to the old canvas covered boats. I covered the deck with the German product Coelan. I will be glad to advise on its application. We will see how long it lasts. I ditched the old plywood hatch cover with it’s insane top hinge and fab’d a mahogany one. Made new drop boards and entrance trim. Also, had to fab new port stern rub rail when I ripped the old ones off to get to crappy deck joint that leaked. Mountain bike racing season is here so progress on the boat will be zero to nil for a while.

Joseph Neuwirth

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Martin Lunghi’s 19′ Selway Fisher Jola pocket cruiser is close to turning upright ready for fitting out. Nice turning rig!

Paul Fisher

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When you bite off more than your boat can take. Tried a rapid with a standing wave higher than the boat could handle, instantly swamped. Being a foam kayak it was a bit tippy, but still allowed me to ride the whole thing, and then paddled to shore. After I got the loose gear out, I pushed it back in and rolled one rail under. The kayak popped up on one rail as soon as the water started out. I plan on adding scuppers to the sides, then I won’t need to stop paddling.

Ran some whitewater that had standing waves taller than the kayak could ride over.…

Josh Crystal Withe

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  1. The sawfish video is pretty cool. A good friend of mine destroyed my prized canoe that exact way.
    See, a strip/glass canoe don’t float so well full of water. 🙂

    Be safe, Brother.


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