The Duck Pond, 31 August 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:



Tomorrow 1000km drive to north to one week hike in Lappland.

Perttu Korhonen

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Work in progress. My design. A three person rowboat.

Marcin Bober

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Prototype of Dave Gentry’s new SUP design. It’s bigger than his Aloha, with anticipated weight capacity of around 230 pounds vs. the Aloha’s 170.

Brian Scarborough

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My last few builders posts have showed “old men” building boats.

So here are some younger builders showing off their nearly complete 14ft Zest racing dinghy. They are all middle school students at Dr. E. A. Ricci Middle School, North Providence, RI.

They built the boat in a 6 weeks summer camp. Really impressive work, and I look forward to posting sailing photos.

Richard Woods

from Facebook…/46-beach-cats-and-d…/436-zest

Plans for Zest from Duckworks of course!

Arctic Skua

My little Selway Fisher Arctic Skua sailing canoe.

Charley Austin

from Facebook

20′ Caladesi Carolina Style Dory

Nice stand-up cabin worked into this 20′ Caladesi Carolina Style dory. This one built near Amsterdam for use in the Zuider Zee.

Free downloadable study prints in Imperial (feet and inches) or Metric (mm) using standard American sized lumber, or European, Asian or Down Under lumber sizes and fasteners:

Jeff Spira

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