September Letters


Past Projects Chuck: We’ve corresponded before on two earlier projects – most recently my FlapDoodle and before, the Whitholz Catboat (included a couple pictures below).   Now I’m interested in the Goat Island Skiff. Seth Happy […]

The Duck Pond, 28 September 2017


Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week: Happy Hour A “Happy Hour” being built by Maris in Latvia. Chuck Leinweber from Facebook Refinishing Sorry I haven’t posted but I took the boat […]

Hot Yacht – Part Three


The Hot Yacht sails quite well for a flat-bottomed skiff hull with a cutter rig.  But I noticed when it leans over and recovers, it recovers directly to windward.  And this halts its’ movement until […]

The Puffdaddy Fishing Boat


I am in love with foam boats. There I admit it. I have built some 23 boats of wood and I loved every one of them. I have completed 4 foam boats and they fascinate me. Part […]

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