Ladybug Rises from the Ashes


Sometimes, little things can be pretty exciting.

It’s been two whole years, since Lady Bug has looked like a sailboat. It was the Palooza, in June 2015. Long, long time. And, no good excuse.

The poor girl has been tucked away in this storage stall, and that shed, and those “temporary” parking spots, and even into and out of the shop. A couple times. All with the best of intentions. And, with the poorest of results. What a deal, huh?

Last winter. After the ground was already frozen. After it was already snowing for a few weeks. After everybody was snugged in, and tarped and all that. I, just took a peek under her hatch. To, just make sure things were OK. Big oops! There was a bunch of gallons of ice water sloshing across the cabin sole. Liquid enough to have permeated the flotation foam throughout the inner liner. Cold enough to be ready to start freezing in a matter of days, or even hours. I got alarmed about the possibility that standing water in the bilge might have penetrated into the keel’s ballast. Ice could then blow the hull wide open.

The whole thing was a classic lose-lose situation. Do nothing, and risk destroying the hull. Tear too much of the interior apart, and get to rebuild it in the spring. I chose to tear things apart. And, it was a mess. Once exposed, that damn foam continued to shed water for days. I’d get it all sopped up, and “dry.” Next morning, there was another cold puddle. And, to this day, I’ve never figured out where all that water came from. Weird, huh?

At any rate, this week was finally time to attack the situation. Her interior was a mess, and for maybe obvious reasons, I didn’t chance to take any pictures. So, all I have is pictures of the more-or-less resurrected cabin interior. And, the short trip Lady Bug made it into the shop earlier this month (May.) That didn’t last long. I needed the space for “domestically approved” projects.

At least she fits through the door, with only the stern rail mounted VHF whip needing to be cranked down. But, there just wasn’t an overhaul in the mix, after all. Too many clamoring agendas buzzing about, this year. So, back outside Miss ‘Bug went, and waited patiently until today.

Basically, we now have a rudimentary “recliner” chair. Most of the elex equipment has been disposed of. Just about every “cruising” adaptation and weight gain has been removed. The idea is to simply go sailing, for the time being. This boat isn’t planned for a cross-country trailering marathon. Not this year, at least.

Just launch. Raise the sails, and get underway. That’s the plan, anyway. And, remarkably, it seems that all the major parts were still in place, and ready to do just that.

Now. If I can just remember where I put that pesky trailer license plate. We can simply go sailing. How hard can it be to find that plate, anyhow? Only been a couple years. Really.

How hard can it be?

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