“Notes from the Tiki Hut” – Prep at the Tiki Hut

by Dave Lucas – Bradenton, Florida – USA

Richard came over to get some plywood for his house but got side tracked by some JB and decided that insurance was good for that kind of thing anyway. I could have pulled Lurlyne or put her on the floating dock but decided to put her on the mooring to see what happens. This mooring consists of a huge cast iron street grate with a 3/8 inch chain and hooked to the boat with two 5/8 inch lines.

We took most of the hanging things off of the rafters of the hut and stashed them in the kitchen and folded up the chairs. If we lose some you guys can send more strange stuff.

We have good protection from the wind from the north and west so hope the shelters hold up. I put everything out there important inside the Queen Anne. Hope that works for the rest of the shelters also.

Howard was good enough to park his motor home in just the right place to offer some more protection.

Wally went nuts with putting things away and when he got tables cleaned off (for the first time ever) he found some old paint and gave them a coat.

I’ll report again in a couple days to let you know how we fared.

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  1. Sorry for the plans I sent you last year. Did not know you all can’t use them.
    Won’t send any more but my wife and I want to visit anyway

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