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We’ve corresponded before on two earlier projects – most recently my FlapDoodle and before, the Whitholz Catboat (included a couple pictures below).   Now I’m interested in the Goat Island Skiff.


Happy Hour in Latvia

Hey guys, I received this from Maris in Latvia

Warm regards,

Hi Alex !
My work whis “Happy Hour” construction go forward.


Good evening.

I purchased a set of plans for the Ozarkian from your company a few years ago.  I wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed building the boat.

I grew up in Southwest Missouri, and I remember as a small boy the old “Ozark Longtoms” as my family called them, on the James River and White River in Missouri and Arkansas.   We have a number of old photos of my parents and grandparents fishing out of these old wooden boats…photos taken from the 1920’s through the 1950’s.  My Dad always wanted to build one of those old boats in his retirement years, but unfortunately, was not able to do so before he died about 20 years ago.  A couple of years ago when I came across a photo of him on James River in Missouri in one of the old longtoms, I decided to build one in his honor.

I have attached a few photos of the boat that I built.  I shortened the boat to 16 feet (so the boat and trailer would fit in my garage) and added one inch to the width of the boat at the center, which also added about 2 inches in width at the center of the boat at the handrail.  The plans will produce a straight rail down the center section of the boat, but by adding the inch a the middle of the boat, the rail is a continuous curve from end to end.

I have floated the boat several times the past two years in the clear streams of Missouri and Arkansas.  The boat handles beautifully, and is easily maneuvered in slow or swift water.

Hats off to the boat designer.  I am thankful for his work in resurrecting this century old design of the Ozark float boat.  Please forward my communication to him.

Matt Spencer

A New Design 

Hi Chuck

New “cruising” catamaran plan !  Katta 395


Special Bulletin from the Duck Quartermaster


Chuck – please let folks know that the ever popular RL-850‘s are back in stock.




Somewhere, along the line.

Some of our dreams tend to run aground.

So much, for the dreams.  But, what of the dreamers?

An idea, once became a “thing.”  Something they could touch, and came to love.  A thing that gained a name, and a place in their life.

I always wonder, what has become of them?  Did they, or the dream, die first?  What happened?

Did they settle for something, perhaps, more attainable?

Are they happy?  Is “good enough,” good enough?

We, all of us, are looking for “something.”  What do we do when we lose sight of that, something?  Moreover, what do we do when we actually find it?

Dan Rogers


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  1. Matt, Great job on the Ozarkian. The same designer (Michalak) has a 16’version, (River Runner). Wonder how close your shortened Ozarkian is to that design?

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