The Duck Pond, 21 September 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

On the Water

I got out on the water yesterday on what might have been one of the last nice days here. Rained a little and the wind was not good but I got to sail around for a while until I lost my rudder. Setup time, once all parts are at the water, a little over 10 minutes. There are some other things I have to work on but my 4 part hull stayed very dry – only some drops from one screw and some drops from the cockpit seam but nothing dramatic.  I will do the connections differently on my next hull.

The sail is one thing that will need some work. Maybe reduce the luff and add battens. I might just do a second sail with a higher boom to get a little more head clearance. The new rudder will be removable, bolted on from the inside so that no part is protruding from the transom. Makes the parts nicer to handle. The next hull might get a little less beam and fully nest so that the boat only takes halve of the trunk. I also want to try some built with no fiberglass and some SOF part – we’ll see.

Marcus Heavyweather

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Foam Duck Punt

Another teaser for the foam duck punt. Not mine, just a builder who used the sawfish idea to build a foam punt.
I will probably build my own this winter.

Josh Crystal Withe

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Final work on the crossbeams for a kayak trimaran conversion. Used spruce and reclaimed wood from redwine barrels(french oak). Between 2 layers of spruce I added a light 2 oz cloth for additional strength.

Johan V Dyk

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Here it is, ready to get wet on Saturday. I really hope it paddles well, because it would suck if it didn’t, but looks so damn cool. Haha, it looks like a Donzi or something. I just realized!

Brian Scarborough

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Sassafras 14

Bow & erm, bow now faired & smooth.

First of the Ash gunwales added to the Sassafras 14. Thickened mustard-consistency mix of resin & colloidal silica brushed onto both the gunwale & the edge of the canoe, then positioned & clamped with the help of my neighbour  and 55 clamps! Excess removed below the gunwale with a square-cut spatula.

Ben Nicolson

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An interesting blog….

Paul Mullings

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A clip of the test sail of CROW, a 16′ Beach Cruiser with a comfortable cabin!

Roy Schreyer

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Storer Winged Dinghy

A little project I finished this summer.

Rick Landreville

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New Plans – Katta 395

Jérôme Delaunay‘s new Catamaran plans finally available. Thanks for your patience, Jérôme.

Chuck Leinweber

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SOF Pram

Two days left to finish. Own design –  Sail pram 3.5m long 4.5 sqm sprit sail for 2 sailors.

Marcin Bober

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    • Bill – don’t you remember that adage: “the smaller the boat, the bigger the adventure”? Seriously, though, nice catch – I’ll fix that shortly.

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