The Duck Pond, 7 September 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


Naut 350 in color!

Jérôme Delaunay

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Puddle Jumper

Maiden voyage of the Puddle Jumper out on Lake Geneva.

Randy Schroyer

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Eco Cat 55

I cheap and dirty built an Eco Cat 55 and sailed with it 50 days and 1100 km in the big lake and Carribean Coast of Nicaragua. Pure fun! Tacking was a story though…

Martin Hachler

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Another canoe.

Donald Lee Burton

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Power 1.2

Alec Vulcan who built the Selway Fisher Power 1.2 contacted me to say that he is doing a blog based on the construction of the SFDesign Kingfisher 14.  Here are some more pictures of his Power 1.2 plus links to his blog – a YouTube video showing the marking out of the Kingfisher – and the Facebook Page he has set up for Capt. Wulkie’s (Boatbuilding) Garage –

Paul Fisher

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I didn’t see this shared yet. From Jim Michalak’s news letter

Builder Herb McLeod built the first AF3 a while back and gave us a nice essay on capsize recovery. He has completed the protoype OliveOyl and here he gives us another great capsize test report. His boat is at this time rigged with his old AF3 sharpie sprit sail. He has not had a chance yet to give Olive a good sailing workout. He lives in Canada and, yes, that is a midsummer wetsuit.

Tom Burton

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Blog update at
It isn’t directly about Arwen but the proposed new galley boxes will be built on the new work bench. In the meantime, paint maintenance work continues on Arwen’s hull.

Steve Parke

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