The Puffdaddy Fishing Boat

by Fred Night - Florida - USA

I am in love with foam boats. There I admit it. I have built some 23 boats of wood and I loved every one of them. I have completed 4 foam boats and they fascinate me. Part of this is my age. I have reached 25 for the third time. Foam is light and lifting things is not high on my list of favorite activities. Foam is easy to work with and it can be made to look good at 10 feet just like an old boat builder. You cut it, glue it, fill it, cover it and paint it. It floats. You have got a boat you can use. It is not a pretty boat but hard to beat for use and function.

I have trouble getting in and out of small boats. My arms work better than my legs and feet. In designing Puffdaddy I made the sides 14 inches high and 4 inches wide so i can push off to stand up. I set the boat up to take a trolling motor. I reinforced the transom with doorskin on both sides. I also put doorskin on the rear floor and under the battery box. I raised the seat 8 inches to help me turn around front to back.

This boat is 108 inches long, 38 inches wide, and 14 inches high. It must fit in the back of a Tacoma pick up.

I followed my foam guru, Josh Crystal Withe, using foam insulation board, Gorrila Glue, Titebond II, and PL Premium. It is quick and easy. I used heavy canvas drop cloth and lots of latex paint. I put handles front and back, added drag blocks to the bottom rear, a board across the seat and one rod holder to the back corner.

The Puffdaddy weighs in at 42 pounds. The trolling motor weighs 28 pounds. The battery weighs 40 pounds. The old boat builder is under the big 200 but getting closer.

The first mate loves Puffdaddy.

She has to show off standing like it is a paddle board.

The guy in the $1000 Hobie is amazed.

It takes a lot of foam to move a fat man.

It will be like fishing in a bath tub.

Easy in and easy out, the Puffdaddy is a big hit.

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