Hot Summers Day


A hot summer’s day.  Spent, as it should.  On the water.

Rod, the new custodian of my first Frankenwerke restoration, showed up early.  Already getting warm out.  How ‘bout a hop upriver, before the crowds arrive?

Old Salt, is based on what remained of a 1959 Glasspar Seafair.  She now sports a period-perfect 1959 Johnson Seahorse, “Fat-fifty.”  Heavy as an old Buick, and about as economical at the gas pumps.  The sort of thing some of us lusted after – before we discovered girls, at least.

But, hey.  Some of us remember ‘em when they were new.  I’m quite certain, a seventeen-foot boat was way, waaaaaaaay bigger, back then.  Know what I mean?  The sort of thing that spawned dreams of crossing oceans.

OK, so the water isn’t quite as warm as it might look.  But, I wanted the picture, and swimming was the only way I was gonna’ get it.  That’s Jamie in the forward hatch.  Not sure, if he wanted to go swimming with me, or not.

Not so bad, after you’ve been in for a while.

Just for laughs, I put this one in of a white whale sighting.  But, be kind.  Whales have feelings, too.

Most of the places, Jamie-the-sea-dog and I visit tend to be on the quiet side.  Whenever possible.

Not so many damn people.  We’re not selfish, just sensible.  Except today.  We made a brief stop for quick liberty call.  In a busy marina.  Lots and lots of people.  Lots of boats.

In fact, all these people got out of that one boat.  No wonder, those jobs leave such a big wake.

Anyhow, it was a good day out there.  Wakes, or no wakes.

I wonder here we’ll go tomorrow?

You should join us.  Really, should.


  1. Right at three grand, give or take a can of Dinty Moore. 1,500 pounds of lead and what ever the rig weighed, plus a pretty big pile of glass and core, came out. Dunno how much I added in plywood, and pine–apparently quite a bit. Current discussion around the shop is to build a replacement cabin as a unit and set it on. The current top is light, but coming apart. That will likely add a few more hundred pounds to the tophamper. As I tell people in rest stops and parking lots, “this is what results when a cluttered mind has access to sharp tools…”

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