“Notes from the Tiki Hut” – August 2017 Boatworks

by Dave Lucas – Bradenton, Florida – USA

Richard and I rolled his Scamp over last week; no one got hurt, no screaming bad words, no problems. We just hung it from the rafters with a couple of ropes, lifted it up some, drug the building jig out and pushed it over. Once it was half way over we stuck a 2×4 into the centerboard trunk for leverage and pushed it the rest of the way. Got some saw houses and lowered it down. Easy as pie. This kind of thing is easy to do if you stop and figure how it could be done if you had to do it by yourself. Brute force will usually get you hurt.

Rolling boats is my speciality, you knew that I had to have at least one didn’t you? He’ll glass the bottom and roll it back over to finish the rest.

We did the same with Jimmy’s melonseed except the other way around, it was built upside down. Here it is hanging in the slings. He installed the centerboard trunk and then took off for a cool month in in Rhode Island to leave me with this Florida heat. He’s good at letting me know how chilly it is at night.

Sandy did the same thing, loaded up his fancy boats and headed for the cool north lands. That’s an Adirondack guide boat on top and a Rangeley lake boat on the bottom. The red one is a custom pulling boat he made for the grandkids.
He does pretty good work when you leave him alone to get it done.

Speaking of Richard; here’s a couple shots of him doing interesting things. One is him showing us how to get out of a Sunfish gracefully. The date is wrong but the thrill is all there. Nope, he didn’t go in the water, dam. The other one is him and a friend having a smoke and beer while hanging out in “floaty pants”. I suppose we all have to get some now because swimming will never be the same.

I don’t get to see this angle of Lurlyne very often, she’s usually in the water ready for immediate use (going to the bar or an afternoon wine cruise). She has to look of the classic long and narrow boats of old. She’s 21 feet long but only 6 1/2 feet wide so she’ll easily cut through rough water if you slow down to about 15. Cessna and grandson Jouji like the the view from the back.

Queen Anne is coming along, would be a lot faster if I’d stop thinking of things to do to make her better. The reason these walls are up is because I decided that I need to insulate the fiberglass hull if I’m going to have an effective air conditioning system. Fiberglass has no insulation value at all.. Then I decided I wanted a better floor for the bathroom so I was back at it with frames and stringers and such. This whole lower back area you see here is a dedicated bathroom with full shower and all the usual. It will be a wet area with water draining into the sump you see here which had to be plumbed and wired for a pump. The floor will be covered with slatted exotic wood squares.

We’re going with a composting toilet, this one is a Natures Head model. The reviews for it are great and lots of people who have them love them, we’ll see. It has to be better than the alternatives to dealing with poop.


She will have lots of windows which will kill any effort to keep her cool unless they are very energy efficient so I went nuts and got the super duper Lowe ones, this pile here set me back $1800. We tried to A/C Helen Marie but the heat load from the windows made it impossible. I was going to make the usual padded bench seats for the drivers station but got to thinking that it would be nice to have arm rests for the long trips to the Islands or the Great Lakes or Europe and it hit me that office chairs can be really comfortable so I got two of the best I could fine (Helen and I tried out dozens before we picked these) and will mount them to a base and be set for any occasion. I have to get most of this inside work done before I can build the back end of the boat where the motors and mechanicals go because I can’t see climbing up over the hull a million times to get in and out.

More cool weather guys, every year they tell me to come on up the the Small Reach regatta and play with them in the cool waters of MAINE, yea right, I’ll just run on up there for the weekend. It would be nice to go but I’m not even sure such a place really exists, it’s too far.

It looks like Richard from Apollo beach is about finished with his Bolger “Sneakeasy”. I can’t wait to see it. It’s 26 feet long and about four feet wide and is all hollow inside. The 20 hp Merc should push it along nicely.


  1. My understanding is Dave tends to shoot interlopers on sight, though if a bottle (or two) is presented just before the shot is made, an arrangement or some sort of civil accommodation is likely possible . . .

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