Building a Frolic2 – Part 6


The opening paragraph of this missive should be the words HaHa repeated until a nice paragraph sized and shaped lump is formed. Then, someone should fling that lump directly at my head. What was I […]

Mast Raising and Other Things


Like a beautiful Phoenix Bird.  Up from the ashes of neglect, and unfortunate decisions. Poor little Lady Bug has been sitting patiently, here and there.  Now, and then.  Cold and hot.  Wet and not-so-wet.  I finally made […]



Call it excessive optimism.  Call it hubris, if you must. Anyway I slice it.  I just have to call it a flop.  Nobody’s perfect.  Certainly, not me.  But, I seem to be having a bit […]

Interview with Frank Smoot


When did you become a boat designer and what was your first real design? I guess those things both happened at the same time, because I couldn’t find any boats like what I wanted – […]

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