The Duck Pond, 12 October 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:


The next series of pictures from my ECO625 houseboat design build in Germany.

Bernd Kohler

from Facebook

Hatch Covers

Jim Holley’s AF4B, just finished.

Chuck Leinweber

from Facebook


Perscadero Launched near Washington DC

Michael Randall posted these pics on my Spira Boats Facebook Page. He said:

“Got enough done to take it to the bay for two weeks. It really needs a second coat of paint and the inside is mostly epoxy coated. I cut on the transom some as the outboard I had was a short shaft. I plan to fill that back in later when I find a new outboard. I think I’ll buy a 15 for when it’s really loaded down.

Built the whole thing in about 50 hours.

It does pretty well with the 9.8 horse. Has its quarks at high speeds. It reminds me a lot of flying an old biplane. If anyone has ever flown a biplane you will completely understand. I love everything about it. Even the slightly peculiar traits.

It’s a really great casting platform. I can move around in pretty bad stuff standing with a tiller extension.

Already want to build another one it was a lot of fun to put together.”

Looks good Michael. Enjoy your work.

More info on the boat, free study prints, and links to purchase plans are available here:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook


The second inner gunwale has been installed. I am going to leave it all for a few days before I start cleaning it all up.

Ben Nicolson

from Facebook

Dinghy Cruising Lago di Como

Lovely video essay of Day 1 cruising a Goat Island Skiff on Lake Como Italy.

Enrico Franconi rows and sails to his first night stop.

Michael Storer

from Facebook

ECOnomy Cruiser 5.5

It is spring in New Zealand and one of the builders there has his ECOnomy Cruiser 5.5 as good as ready. Here are some photos from his effort, which shows the quality of his build.

Bernd Kohler

from Facebook


The Eel River Coracle Adventure of 2017.

John C. Nystrom

from Facebook

16′ Petite Brise and Stornoway 12

A photo received this morning of two Selway Fisher boats – a 16′ Petite Brise and a Stornoway 12 beautifully built by João Moreira on the river Tejo (Tagus) near Lisboa (Lisbon), Portugal – lovely to see boats from different parts of the world together, elsewhere! The Petite Brise is a larger version of the PB12 I designed as a tender for the sail training pilot cutter Jolie Brise and is based on a North American Swampscott dory shape and the Stornoway 12 design I drew up in 1993 based on my experiences with the clinker yard dinghies used at McGruers on the Gareloch.

Paul Fisher

from Facebook

19′ Albion Pacific Power Dory

Dan Timberman just sent me these pictures of his 19′ Albion Pacific Power dory project. It is going together surprisingly fast.

More info on the Albion:

from Facebook

Rogue PowerDrifter

I just received this note and these pictures:

My name is Olguer Heras. I am from Ecuador. I did a big search on the internet and I found a lot of boat plans that did not fill my expectations, until I found your plans. I decided to build the Rogue PowerDrifter, because I am very close to the jungle and the rain forest and we have some white water rivers. It was fun to build. It did take a couple of months to finish, but it was worth it.
Thanks, Mr Spira.
I sent you some photos, too. I hope you enjoy it.
Best regards,
Olguer Heras

Why, yes, I really do enjoy seeing pictures like yours. It looks like you did an excellent job on this boat and I hope you have lots of fun using it in your rivers.

More info on the boat, free study prints, and links to purchase plans are available here:

Jeff Spira

from Facebook

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