The Duck Pond, 19 October 2017

Some of what has happened in “the duck pond” this week:

EP Carry

A good demonstration of an interesting product.

Chuck Leinweber

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Radosław Werszko Dinghy

I’m building a 4.8-meter sailboat (15.7 feet) LOA.

Jose Luis Canas Taborda

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Rope Seat

Got my rope seat made and in.

Robert Bleja

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 Lowcountry Maritime Society’s Event

This coming Thursday, I will embark on my second annual Cassidy Cup, sailing a 12′ rowboat built by 6-8th graders about 60 miles over two days from Charleston, SC to Georgetown, SC for a the annual Georgetown Wooden Boats Show. This year, I have outfitted my Skiff with a Storer OZ lug rig!

Seven other adventurous souls are signed up to join me on this quest. I will be carrying my Spot Satellite Tracker so you can follow our progress.

Wish us luck!

Shawn Payment

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Water Ballast

There is a great essay on water ballast on Jim Michalak’s newsletter this time. Headache alert: you might need some aspirin after trying to follow the math.

Chuck Leinweber

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15’7″ Raven Canoe

I developed the 15’7″ Raven canoe in 1994 from my original Wren design by giving her an additional plank each side and working some tumblehome into the topsides. She represents that combination of simplicity in construction with a relatively sophisticated and efficient hull shape. Many have been built, including this fine example recently launched by Ryan Jacobs in Newfoundland, Canada.

Paul Fisher

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Vardo 34 and Tamar 31

Some builders email me regular updates as their build progresses. People like Peet and Tom, building an Eagle and a Tamar31. Which is great for me and for those of you reading this page.

And then there are some who just get on with the build. People who I tend to forget I’m afraid. One such builder is Steve, building his Vardo 34 in the open, no shed! In the UK!!! I thought I was the only one crazy enough to do that (we built my Eclipse catamaran outside in 2000-2001).

Anyway, Steve started building about a year ago. Check his progress now!! Especially his video of August 26th

You can see more on the Vardo here…/5-catamarans-o…/225-vardo and a sailor’s FB page here

Richard Woods

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